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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The incident with the destroyer “John McCain”: the psychology of the superiority of the American Navy

The expert community was perplexed by the incident in the Straits of Malacca, where the U.S. Navy destroyer John S. McCain collided with oil tanker Alnic MC, sailing under the flag of Liberia. The destroyer was holed along the waterline at the rear of the stern. While the sailors struggled for survival destroyers, five of them were injured and ten people were missing. Experts are wondering: how did it happen that the destroyer with multiple radars on Board, equipped with super-modern communications equipment have not noticed a huge tanker with a displacement of 30 000 tons?

And this year this is not the first such case. In early summer the USS Fitzgerald rammed a container ship off the coast of Japan. Then killed seven sailors. In addition, two destroyers with the Aegis system on Board collided: one of them ran aground, the other has damaged fishing boat.

Why cases of collisions of American warships from the civil courts began to happen so often? What it is: bad luck, the usual marine practice, or is there some regularity? These questions of “MK” asked the member of the Expert Council of the Military-industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”, a reserve Colonel Victor Murakhovski.

Here are really seen for some pattern, – said the expert. – On the previous occasion when the same destroyer collided with a container ship near Japan, the US Navy command held a “debriefing”. In the end, there were dismissed the entire command of the destroyer, plus the commander of the squadron to which he belonged, and possible layoffs in the Navy, because during the proceedings it became clear that the commanders of American ships often violate international rules of navigation. They seem to by default believe that if this is an American ship, he supposedly should get some advantage, that is actually absolutely not the case.

Actually, the same thing we see in today’s case with the destroyer “John McCain”, and other occurrences this year. I think the US is still a more serious analysis of these incidents at the level of the Navy command. But even now we can clearly say that the U.S. Navy unilaterally violate the rules of navigation. Including rule of the road vessels at sea. And in international waters, these rules must comply with all, including the U.S. Navy.

Let’s not forget that when such rules are violated, this led to disastrous consequences. For example, in the 90-ies the case when the us cruiser shot down in the Persian Gulf for its anti-aircraft missiles to civilian aircraft, just considering that it poses to the ship’s danger.

If we ignore international rules, similar can happen again, especially given the increased intensity of action of the U.S. Navy near the coasts of North and South Korea. In the current environment, this behavior may lead to military conflict.


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