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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Putin and generation Z: the creative potential of young people expressed their whistles

Working with youth began to prevail in the public agenda of the government after the March anti-corruption rallies. When the streets of large cities at the call of opposition leader Alexei Navalny EN masse students of senior classes and students, the government realized that in vain trusted pollsters regularly report on the full apolitical “generation Z”. It turned out that although in 16-23-year-old is not specifically follow the news policy on the Internet (according to the polls, these issues concern not more than 23% of the audience of social networks), and having the right to vote rarely reach the polling stations, they have an understanding of the importance of systemic issues in the country. And they are willing to take an active part in their solution.

photo: Alex geldings

Hot on the heels of street protests, political analysts and experts have advised government to urgently strengthen the work with young people to prevent its politicization under the scenario of Bulk and to integrate in its agenda. And work was really strengthened, and with the involvement of heavy artillery. If in previous years Vladimir Putin duty attended a camp at Seliger this summer, the geography of his meetings with the representatives of the “generation Z” has significantly expanded: the President visited “Artek”, the Sochi center for young talents “Sirius” and at the youth forum “Tavrida”. All the events were held on the same scenario, and if Putin himself, according to their results, no major problems (he actually looked interested source, and more, apparently, not required), to their participants and organizers is more than enough.

Take, for example, the forum “Tavrida”, where GDP last weekend, talked to the participants of the session “the Creative team of the country”. On it, as reported in press release Federal Agency for youth Affairs, brought together the best of the best “winners of pipeline projects.” Or, in human language, young musicians, composers, actors, poets, choreographers, etc. of the creative potential of the country. Guess what work they presented to the President on an improvised exhibition? Clay whistles and the icon of the Archangel Michael in two variants — carved from wood and brass. Even the Scarecrow from brown algae, which inundated the coast of Tauris, that would be in their place less exotic.

The main outcome of the “Creative team of the country” should be the setting of the mystery “the lighthouse”, written specially for the world festival of youth and students in Sochi poet Vlad Malenko.

photo: kremlin.ru
The President presented to him before the icon of Archangel Michael. “Russia made a choice. And that choice is God.” These poems have met Putin at a youth camp “Tauris” last Sunday.

Work with the excerpt from which I happened to see Vladimir Putin, replete with simple rhymes (“people ahead,” “lesson — reproach”, “hero — helm”), and strange conclusions, for example, “Russia — wide people walking the narrow path” or “Russia is justice, the cure of all lies!”. Not to mention the complete nonsense of lines like: “the Heart of the above grievances, pay out with a vengeance in the light of Shostakovich, Sviridov, Gergiev and Bashmet”. And I want to call the last two, and they were guilty before Mosenergo? However, the mystery was obviously written for the latter two claims, and nothing unexpected for the President of the “generation Z” are not heard. As if trying to prove that the government does not need to find a common language with young people because they already speak the same language, the young actors said: “Russia made a choice and that choice is God!” “The most important and strongest, most Holy hero is the people of Russia, he was her helmsman!”. Frankly: this format and the story has little chance to interest the audience watching the battles Purulent and Oxymoron in YouTube.

Approximately in the same spirit of continued dialogue between the President and activists of the forum. We in Russia somehow got used that creative people if not directly in conflict with the government, it is unpleasant for her questions that, using his special mission, need to be answered. “The poet in Russia more than the poet” — brilliantly articulated these expectations of society Yevgeny Yevtushenko. But nothing like this! Young writers, artists, and composers gathered in Tavrida, was only interested in his own career. One asked Putin to revive the demand for young artists. The other is to introduce quotas for execution of works by young composers. The third is to create “the popular front” the personnel Department, which will promote young talent through the ranks. The President, of course, in such circumstances it was more than comfortable — he’s been in a meeting with heads of regions, where each also asks for itself. But isn’t that expected from the participants in the discussion by their peers, published in spring street to protest?

And in this, perhaps, lies the main error of the government. Really concerned about the state of young minds and trying to find a way into the hearts of the young, the authorities have relied on those for whom, and so no need to worry. Participants of the meetings with Vladimir Putin are subject to rigorous selection by the organizers, which, it seems, based on the principle “it would not have blurted something extra”. Hence, long stories about themselves and their achievements, and little specific discussion on the problems of generation, which, according to the same pollsters, in fact, concerned not only closet President’s tenure of power, corruption among officials, lack of social mobility, the high cost of education and the lack of demand in the labour market. On the other hand, young people are increasingly atomized and goes from the real into the virtual world of subcultures. And the object of worship for most is not the Archangel Michael and Sasha Spielberg and Roma Acorn gathering an audience you never dreamed of politicians.

But nothing that Vladimir Putin, regularly attending youth forums, apparently, do not report.

Moreover, he is still not registered in social networks.

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