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Friday, February 16, 2018

Moldovan oligarch plahotniuc went to war with the government

Monday, August 21, the staff of the National centre for combating corruption and the Prosecutor’s office of Moldova has carried out searches in the building of the Cabinet of Ministers in Kishinev. As reported to journalists the press-Secretary of the center Angela Starinski, under suspicion are the employees of the Ministry of justice and the Ministry of education, culture and research. They are suspected of corruption and abuse of office. In particular, in the illegal issuance of documents to citizens of Moldova and foreigners.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

With what may be causing this sudden attack on the Moldovan government? Who is behind it? At first glance, answer choice two. First: no one is, it’s really the struggle with corrupt officials. Second: for the “attack” on the Cabinet of Ministers is the President of Dodona, which the Cabinet put more than one pig, holding his back his own political line for the glory of NATO and Washington.

Both answers are wrong. Though, because the President of Moldova has no levers of influence on the Prosecutor General and the national centre for the fight against corruption. Both of these structures are controlled by the main Moldovan oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc, who successfully uses a campaign to “fight against corruption” to eliminate their competition. The experts of the European center of the Carnegie writing in a research note published in may of this year: “the Power of Plahotniuc is based on a complete takeover of the state apparatus, including the control of the judiciary, the Prosecutor General’s office and the National centre for the fight against corruption”. Plahotniuc today controls both the legislature using his parliamentary majority and the Executive through “their” Prime Minister Paul Philip. His main political competitor, former Prime Minister Vlad Filat convicted of corruption for nine years. A large-scale purge of the state apparatus from opponents Plahotniuc is in the autumn of last year, she even got the mayor of Chisinau Dorin Chirtoaca – the nephew of the leader of the Liberal party Mihai Ghimpu.

– In Moldova, formed police-oligarchic regime to serve the interests of one person – the oligarch and leader of the ruling party, Vladimir Plahotniuc, who asks that his nickname was Vlad as Dracula. – says the head of the International Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov. He controls everything in the country: the Parliament, ministries, departments, law enforcement agencies, courts, security services. Anti-corruption center is his henchmen. He conducts business as he sees fit. There’s a heap of ordered political murders, political repression, political prisoners sit in prisons. There were hopes that the President said he will be able to change the status quo, but so far he is not. After his inauguration, the Parliament took away the Dodon even modest leverage, which he still had, such as the right to appoint a Director of SIB (service information and security). If he was a bright charismatic leader of his people, he could, relying on the majority of the population that elected him, to try to change the situation. But he’s not even trying.

– Then what’s the point of this “anti-corruption” campaign?

– In Moldova, corruption is everything that “goes up” with Plahotniuc. And the fight against corruption is a tool against those who refuse to work for Plahotniuc. I recall the story of Renato Usatyi, the mayor of the second largest city in Moldova – Balti. A successful mayor, a great leader. But in December last year, he is in Moscow and directs the city via Skype. Because he came into conflict with Plahotniuc, and it was filed about a dozen criminal cases.

– Russian Vice-Premier Rogozin virtual “hitting” on Plahotniuc has led to declaring him persona non grata.

– Me too, exactly two years ago declared non grata for a period of 5 years. All this would be funny if it were not for the aggravation of the situation around Transnistria. If last week at 5 am in Kishinev shooting was not carried out joint exercises of police and the army to conduct some special operations within the city. I’m afraid they foolishly started a war. Interestingly, recently, the Democrat flew on a briefing in Washington.

– What are the relations with Plahotniuc with the Dodon?

Oligarch considers Dodon as a kind of “fuse” between him and people, and between him and Moscow. If anything, it will burn the fuse. Plahotniuc, incidentally, has a Russian passport. With political will it can be held accountable for his crimes under Russian law. Why is this not happening, why does he allow impunity to deport dozens of Russian citizens – journalists, experts, politicians – is the question. I don’t see any Russian retaliatory sanctions. Only hear spells Dodon: “you just don’t do anything, and then people will suffer.” And why our people have to suffer?

Nothing like? The professional responsibilities of a whatsit guy Pound “Golden calf” was to work the front head of the firm, covering the present, the “shadow” owner. And if you have problems with the law – to sit instead of him in jail. I hope that the President said he knows the classics.

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