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Thursday, February 22, 2018

“Insidious traitor” trump: the United States has stopped issuing visas to Russians

Sincere and selfless love of many citizens of Russia with Donald Trump remained unanswered. After 21 August 2017 this can be said with absolute certainty. “Insidious traitor” trump encroached on “sacred”. Trump went on something we didn’t even threaten so despised on the Russian shores of Barack Obama.

To fend off accusations that he was “the Kremlin’s agent of influence”, the US President has sharply limited the possibility of obtaining U.S. visas for Russian citizens. Until 1 September this year American non-immigrant visa is not shining in our country, anyone at all. After a day of knowledge, the issuance of visas of the USA in Russia will resume, but in a shortened amount — only in Moscow.

photo: Alex geldings

We named the Kremlin’s new year tree for children of diplomats, they give us a Fig in the pocket instead of visas. Moscow’s efforts to prevent further unwinding diplomatic war with Washington — if anyone has forgotten, last year’s U.S. decision to send 25 employees of our Embassy Putin initially responded by inviting children of American diplomats to visit the Kremlin Christmas tree has finally failed.

We don’t know how it looked like the decision-making process on the actual introduction of visa restrictions for Russian citizens. We don’t know in particular exactly who of American leaders were involved in this process who was against and who was for it. We don’t know to what extent this decision is motivated by the growing administrative chaos at the state Department, and a desire by Washington to send a “dead cat” of the official Moscow. But, regardless of all of the above, in General the Russian masses the decision of the us diplomatic corps is likely to be perceived unambiguously.

After a quarrel with Vladimir Putin, the US government decided to punish all Russian citizens. And not only to punish — and even to incite. The decision of the us Department of state there is a very clear and quite a Jesuitical logic. Well, you, dear Russians, don’t like that you now will suffer badly to get a coveted American visa? If Yes, then please to our address claims not to send. Are we to blame? Blame the man you have elected your own President. It is because Putin ordered to reduce the number of American diplomatic staff in Russia, isn’t it? That’s why Putin and understand!

photo: AP

Naturally, the Russian official structures can easily find counter-arguments against this line of reasoning. Sergei Lavrov, in fact, have already done it: “to Assert that the bringing to a common denominator of the number of employees of diplomatic missions of the USA in Russia and Russia in the USA will serve as a sharp reduction in the ability to perform consular functions, including issuance of visas, I think it is tantamount to disrespect to the abilities and capabilities of the U.S. diplomatic service.” Even Lavrov has promised not to follow the “bad example” and “not taking it out on American citizens.”

The statements of Russian foreign Minister was, as always, full of grace, dignity and credibility. But those Russian citizens who had planned a trip to USA, and now are left with nothing, this will serve as a very weak consolation. Everyone is free to give his own version of the answer to the sacramental Russian question “who is guilty?” Someone considers the rhetoric of official Moscow, some of the rhetoric of official Washington. Surely there are particularly exalted comrades who see in the incident only the positive aspects. Type and why is it Patriotic citizens of Russia require necessarily to go to our main enemy? There is no need to go there! Need to stay home, have a wooden spoon buckwheat and play the balalaika!

Supporters of all three points of view, we abundantly will hear in the coming days, weeks and months. However, nobody is able to refute the main point: what began as a conflict for sky-high political level as a row of presidents, Ministers, parliaments, increasingly affect the daily lives of ordinary people, more and more prevents this life. I’m not going to pretend that I’m surprised by this one. The conflict between Russia and the United States have become too large scale. He just could not indefinitely remain inside the “bubble” high (or in this case, it would be more correct to say low) of international politics.

But what we are faced with something that is long expected, it becomes easier not. Yes, Michael McFaul warned that it will be so. But does that make what is happening less absurd? No, it doesn’t. The absurdity only becomes even more prominent and obvious. Of course, for the vast majority of residents of the Russian Federation on a trip to USA is not included in the list of what is vital. However, who said that man must confine ourselves to those, without which, in principle, absolutely impossible to do? It is the “excesses” make our life colorful, interesting and productive.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Make or have made? If to speak about relations between Russia and the United States, we rapidly go to the scheme “without frills”, the scheme, the main purpose of which is to prevent a frontal collision of the parties. And, unfortunately, little sign that the situation may turn in the opposite direction, is not observed. We clearly have not reached the bottom. Ahead of us, for example, waiting for the announcement of the official results of the investigation “Russian interference” in the process of American elections. And while these results are not, the most respected American media every day unearth new “suspicious Russians” who supposedly brainwashed trump and his entourage.

If you are a couple days dropped from that process, then I can enlighten you. The most recent “suspicious Russian”, “unmasked”, “new York times” is a lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin. According to the article in this newspaper, Akhmetshin since 2009 is a U.S. citizen and is not just providing services to the U.S. government. But “new York times” hinted: this is just a cover other — more mysterious and undoubtedly subversive activities of this character. And especially me in this article like a photo: a really suspicious-looking Akhmetshin reaches into his pocket for his wallet right at the meeting of the Senate foreign Affairs Committee during a discussion of US policy towards Russia.

Consider me paranoid. But from my point of view, this photo is nothing more than an encrypted “non verbal signal”: we have nothing to let into the country all sorts of dubious Russian! They say that coincidence is just a special case of patterns. The decision of the US authorities to restrict the issuance of visas to citizens of the Russian Federation confirms the correctness of the authors of this aphorism.

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