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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Putin told about the contents of the closet and agreed to appear in advertisements

Vladimir Putin on Sunday has continued which began in the spring a series of meetings with young people, talking to participants of the camp “Tavrida”. The format of the event has not changed, despite the criticism of politicians who claim that invented by the Kremlin’s scenario does not reach the desired goal. Past specific selection, the activists did not raise those who truly care about the young. For example, in Tavrida Putin met with the words “Russia made a choice. And this choice is God”, and as a memento presented the President with an icon of “Archangel Michael”. As if he had been to youth camp, and an Orthodox monastery.

photo: kremlin.ru

The President waited for Tavrida right after Breakfast. From the speakers raced a dress rehearsal of the performance-mystery “Light”, penned by Director of the Moscow theatre of poets Vlad Malenko for the visit of the head of state. It began badly:

“Our strong brewed tea.

The choice made by the people

Pushkin, Tolstoy, Gagarin

moved the time forward!”

And the sequel was worse:

“Stronger than any guns

With open door home.

Russia – wide people

Walking the narrow path”.

“Vladivostok and Vyborg

Peter and Taganrog…

Russia made a choice.

And that choice is God.”

Hey, not to be scratched there! – shouting at the performers the author, which it seemed a sacrilege that someone might have an itch on such words.

But just a few minutes came the command to “relax” instead of 11 am, said activists, Putin will arrive to camp closer to 19 PM. Unavoidably detained.

For the next 8 hours together with the participants of the session “relaxed” not only journalists, but also joined them officials. Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko changed into shorts and a hat and a couple with the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov was walking through the territory. From time to time he stopped in front of the beach, but even with the baking Crimean sun, to swim did not dare, because the Bank (and the water) were covered with a thick layer of brown algae.

Is our camp such a feature! Algae listed in the Red book – talking about it, even movies! – tried to inspire the head of AP in charge of “Tauris” representatives of Rosmolodezh. But Kiriyenko to their entreaties and did not succumb to…

On “presidential” change “Tavrida” this year brought together those who previously had already been here and got the “impetus for the development of professional trajectories” of young poets, musicians, artists and actors. As people experienced it was not difficult to assemble at agreed points for the first whistle, announcing the long-awaited arrival of the President. Vladimir Putin familiarized himself with the exhibition of works of participants received a gift of an icon “Archangel Michael”, blew a whistle and looked as planned, a mystery “Beacons”, which was only part of a larger project which will fully show at the Festival of youth and students in Sochi. In the presence of the head of state, none of the performers is not scratched. And the key phrase about the people, Russia and God sounded very insightful. Putin said that all what he saw he liked, but most importantly, positive emotions experienced by the participants of the change.

After this came the discussion, and this part was once again the weakest in the scenario of the meeting. Although sitting in front of the GDP of the people was the strength of the last 20 years, they behaved like seasoned careerists and courtiers. Here is a sample list of themes and proposals: on the basis of a popular front of a special Department for culture, who could recommend graduates “Tauris” by the appointment to some posts. To introduce censorship on TV and the Internet, to promote family values. To revive the state of the art plants will give orders to young artists. To write a letter to the Ministry of culture to financially support a film about the mathematician Perelman. To introduce quotas for execution of works by young composers. And so on and so forth.

In other words each of the participants requested for themselves (or for colleagues), and no one remembered that actually care about the generation of 18-30 year olds. Even the traditional question of Putin’s intention to run for another term this time no one asked.

The burdensome nature of the debate allowed the President to relax and after promises to “think and understand” to proceed to the impromptus. The young composer, asked to inform the public about the work of young talents, GDP recalled a biography of Schubert: “he has not had relations with the women he went in a professional environment, got sick with a bad disease and died.” Designer Svetlana, the President admitted that he had revised his views on women’s fashion is, in his words, a real art. But about his clothes, the head of state is usually not “bother” – just opens the closet and takes what hangs.

– The main thing is to be comfortable, but of course, I want to look decent. The style I have a very simple business – it is approximately the same for all people who do my work, – has told Putin.

– And you agree to participate in the advertising campaign of clothing for people with disabilities? – bluntly asked the President Svetlana promoting its own brand “Live.”

– This fashion – I agree! – promised GDP.

A graduate of Moscow architectural Institute Alexey asked the President to return to the idea of reconstruction of the Kremlin’s Chudov and Voznesensky monasteries, of course, by his own project that “will help to grow the creative and spiritual elite of Russia”. Putin said that by itself has nothing against it, but it is constrained by the opinion of historians, archaeologists and other cultural figures, insisting that, against the background of ancient monuments of any, even the most good remake will look like a remake, and nothing the Kremlin is now do not need to touch. “This project can not be adopted unilaterally, he explained the ambitious young man, Is should be the decision of the society is to recreate something or to preserve.”

In General, answering the main expectations of participants of the meeting, Putin agreed with the fact that young talented people should be promoted, and the authorities are already working in this direction.

In politics this is already happening – for short last time at the level of heads of regions have got a lot of young people, reminded the GDP – I hope that now the elections are held, and people vote for them…

In contrast to the participants of the camp “Tauris” the President never forgets to tell important.


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