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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The UFO: space agencies hiding the truth about the 70-metre ship of the aliens

By studying the images of an asteroid called Lutetia taken by the probe Rozetta, ufologists have discovered that when you change the brightness on them, you notice a silhouette. According to hunters of aliens, they managed to find the spaceship of the aliens, and the image of the European space Agency was deliberately obscured to hide the truth.

photo: pixabay.com

Asteroid Lutetia was in 1852 by a French astronomer Hermann Goldschmidt, and the relatively short distances (3 160 kilometers) were obtained 58 years later. European astronomers think this cosmic body of extremely interesting objects to study due to objective reasons, however, the “revelatory” of the video state that, in fact, the interest for space agencies were not an asteroid, and the ability to communicate with aliens. The size of the “spaceship” self-proclaimed experts estimate 70 kilometers.

Reports of UFOs, alien bases on the moon or Mars, and any traces of their activities around the Internet with an enviable regularity, and many ufologists claim that this information is deliberately hushed up by scientists. It is worth noting that some conspiracy theorists are supporters of the more intricate theory — the space Agency actually served themselves the reins in order to make people believe in aliens, then to fake an alien invasion and allow the rulers to gain more power over frightened masses.

As for the scientists, the lack of comments to most of the news about the UFO they explain: most often, the real scientific value of such “sensations” tends to zero, and the experts simply do not want to involve the already undeservedly bloated news extra attention to your comment.

By the way, some experts do not exclude that humans are not the only intelligent beings in the Universe. However, the immediate visit of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, even those scientists, for the most part, I consider it extremely unlikely scenario.


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