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Friday, February 16, 2018

The law Roizman: whom Putin will never let the power

Approaching the Single voting day on 10 September, the main highlight this time will be gubernatorial elections in 12 regions. After the gubernatorial elections back, it’s been five cycles, now is the sixth. In sum — 92 the gubernatorial election campaign, including the current one. But it is amazing: the script is everywhere and always essentially the same. The most dangerous rivals of the incumbent Governor or acting Governor for the campaign, are simply not tolerated, and the rest of the opposition forces are unable to choose a single candidate and sprayed voices. (The only exception that proves the rule — victory in 2015 in Irkutsk Communist Levchenko.) The result is always the one who is necessary, even if it is unpopular in the region. Illustrative examples are the upcoming elections of the head of the Sverdlovsk region, which were not allowed by the mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman. We described the story, so I’ll only briefly remind you: it is, for various reasons, could not pass through the municipal filter. So what is happening with our electoral system? We need these elections? And who is to blame for their non-compete? This “MK” and talked with Yevgeny Roizman.

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— Why the opposition candidates are fighting only each other and no one can throw down the gauntlet to the Pro-government candidate for Governor?

— And why opponents of the Governor to nominate a single candidate? Each candidate leads the line, and why would he want to team up with someone else or withdraw from the election in his favor? The task of the electoral system just needs to be to ensure that elections were fair and competitive. And so they allowed people not only harmless, but real candidates. And when they are made, then all who remain, there is no need to unite, each solves its own task, pursues his goal, the victory of which is not.

But if the opposition forces for 92 campaign have not developed a recipe worthy of competition with the government, they are of a weak mind…

Is not the opposition forces, and a bunch of different people. In modern Russia the concept of no opposition. There is such a thing in the civilized world where there is turnover of power. There, the government is one party and another (or several others) to create a shadow government or a consensus government, criticized the current Cabinet and prepare to win the next election. And in the end win, and after a cycle or two again inferior. We have a different story. In Russia, in opposition to the record of those who are going to wet. It’s like a barrage. If said about you, you’re the opposition, — then you will start repressions. So your constitutional right to go into power you in advance deprived.

Personally, I do not think the opposition. The mayor of one of the largest subjects of the Federation, Ekaterinburg the speaker of the legislative Assembly — is the representative of the government. Why you are in this case excommunicated from the election?

I was never on and the opposition was not, and the authorities never really tried. Just I was born and raised in this city, in this country. I have my own opinion and I’m not afraid to Express it. I work with the power that now. And I don’t have not that problem, I have no time to change it. I have one life and I don’t want to waste it on the change of government. My goal is to do better where I can, where I am useful. I do not put before itself of global problems of transformation of the world and Russia, I have time for it. But to fix something on the street, in the city, region, — it is.

And in this election, I not going only for one reason: I would have won. Other reasons just yet.

— Who so badly wanted you to win? The man who in the end will win, so dear to the Kremlin?

— No, the President from the incumbent Governor is not happy. Not just the same as he read him the letter of the inhabitant, in which it is written: “So is bad in the Sverdlovsk region was still never”. But he is dear to himself and wants to keep his Governor’s chair. And, apparently, it meets today’s requirements, “the Kremlin towers”. They are few: to have their own opinions, not to show initiative (with the exception of the elimination of candidates) and be totally obedient.

— Paradoxical history. If we have a gubernatorial election is always won by the Governor or acting Governor, appointed by Putin, then why bother to hold them, spend the money for the election campaign? Could be right, they were canceled from 2005 to 2011?

— I will explain why the need for such elections. First: it creates the illusion that the people of the region themselves to decide something. Second and most importantly: the Federal government shifts the responsibility to the people. In which case they will say: look, but you yourself chose it. Because otherwise the President would have to always take personal responsibility for the failures of the head region. No other meaning in such elections there.

But carrying the presidents personal responsibility for their designated governors until 2012 and nothing…

— Did not like. One Governor in jail for bribery, other corruption, and the third for stealing… Why? Let the people responsible for their choices. In addition, it is one thing for the President to answer for his appointees in 2005, when oil is more expensive to live richer and richer. And another thing — take responsibility when the situation harder and harder. The crisis, the sanctions and all the wonders. Oh no! Voter, you are to blame.

— You can imagine some scheme that gubernatorial elections are won not by the Governor? This at least in theory, possible?

Well, if I came out for elections, I would win. But do not release. By the way, I have no shapkozakidatelstva: the situation in Sverdlovsk region is very interesting. Among the candidates could be the mayor of Nizhny Tagil Sergey Nosov and Chairman of the abolished government Denis Pasler, which I would have won. Pasler was in contact with the entire region, with all the heads, he has quite a serious resource, especially since he worked all the time, not late, not drinking than very favorably of the Governor. If they participated, the elections would become completely unpredictable and competitive. But they are not recommended to participate in the campaign. Therefore, the real contenders to win it was just me. But is not made.

— How do you perceive non-admission to elections of governors: it is a debacle, a humiliation or a cause to throw a new challenge? You are a victim or Prometheus?

— I know my country very well. I know how to calculate, predict and understand. I had a prediction that I will not be allowed. But I understood: if not empty, it will show the whole country that they got scared of me and of my victory. That’s what we have in the body, although I had more optimistic forecasts. Well, this is not the last election in my life. I am healthy and full of energy, have great support among the people — will qualify for other elections. And without elections I have things to do: work as a mayor in Ekaterinburg, a few unfinished books, delayed the expedition

Photo: yabloko.ru

— Election of the President of Russia interest you?

— In the coming year — no, although I’m going to watch them and maybe someone to support. This time it is absolutely clear who will win. I’m certainly not going to move, because I just don’t feel ready. I don’t have enough economic education, but there are a number of issues that I just don’t know how to solve. To run for President, you need to address these gaps, and maybe I’ll do it. That is if I had complete understanding, I could say: people, I know what to do. But this understanding is not partly due to the fact that I do not have objective information about what is happening in the country. But political and management experience that I have, tells me that from the outside it looks a bit different than the inside. And if the man has presidential ambitions, he needs to sit at the Desk and get to the information needed for decision-making at the level of the head of state. And let me tell you one more thing: I did not envy never in my life neither the President nor the Prime Minister. They have a hell of a job. And I have things to do in the city and its region. Because here I can solve problems, which do understand, and analyze problems that know from the inside, to help the city and the country at their level. I try to do it.

But many will be nominated, by approaching not so serious, but just to Express themselves, to gain political weight…

— I have no problem to Express themselves, to Shine, to participate, to play these games. There is a desire to do good, not PR. I am quite popular and, by the way, has won all the elections to which were admitted. I know how to do it.

— And still whom in the presidential election you’ll be supporting: someone who knows it inside out — that is, Putin, or someone who can offer new ways?

— I believe that the government should be changed. The main purpose of democratic institutions is the regular bloodless turnover of power. If the government is irremovable, it begins to degrade. Not because Putin or Medvedev, but because it is the law of nature. It is very important to return to our policy of competition that will directly lead to increased competition in the economy, and it will start to grow. The country has enough human and resource potential, not to sit for decades in the crisis, but to come to a completely different level, but the firmness of our government will not allow it.

— How do you feel about the head of the CEC Pamfilova, who said that you could pass the municipal filter, but they like lazy to do it?

— She makes beautiful statements that the elections should become more honest. And it seems that he says it sincerely. But in specific cases, including mine, stands up for the flawed system and blames the victims. I recall how the system worked this time. In governors of Sverdlovsk area has forbidden to go to the independents. It is not clear. So, I had to negotiate with the parties. Yabloko initially agreed to nominate me, but then the President of the local Chapter made an offer he couldn’t refuse. My nomination is maximally delayed, and during this time were selected all the signatures of municipal deputies of rural settlements. A candidate for Governor must collect not just a certain number of signatures, but some part of them should belong to rural MPs. They just left.

I was surprised by the statements Pamfilova addressed to me, because they were absolutely not forced. It is unclear why to do them retroactively to the candidate who has definitely not registered. I had already turned the page, and Ella suddenly remembered and began to tell me how I was supposed to work. But in the end they put themselves in an awkward position. The impression that she is either not really understand what he says, sincerely mistaken (but it speaks to his incompetence), or just disingenuous, which is not very nice.

Now the shortest way into power through “United Russia”. Maybe you can befriend her, and then get preferential treatment?

— There are things where a reluctance to engage at all, and I always very carefully chose the party with whom you can make alliances.

— Carefully?! You worked with four parties – “Fair Russia” “Right cause”, “Civic platform”, “Apple”, and everywhere you either betrayed or let down. So the worse the “United Russia”?

— The real betrayal has made only “Fair Russia” Mironov. I was the Deputy of the state Duma of the fourth convocation from one-mandatory districts, would have won his campaign and the next time, because in the constituency I was born and raised and I know everything, but prior to the 2007 elections of single-mandate was abolished, to be elected became possible only from the parties, and had to go in the party lists. Regional conference “Fair Russia” has nominated me the first number on the list, but Mironov pressed, he climbed a jam, and at the Congress he me from the list of excluded. When we are faced with Prokhorov and he was invited to the “Right thing”, I immediately said, “Michael, it is exactly what you will be called to the office of the President and tell him to remove Roizman from the list”. He said, “Then we’ll leave together.” So in 2011, and turned. Prokhorov is not passed comrade and kept his word, that is, made a man’s act, which in Russian politics has long been observed. Thanks to the “Civil platform” I managed to go on elections of the mayor of Yekaterinburg to win them, but then the party intercepted. Then there is no need to say so clearly that all had been betrayed.

— So what, United Russia is worse?

Unfortunately, if you affilioes with the “United Russia”, then you begin to change, to mimic. All: you integrate and become one of them. For me the task is not to merge with United Russia, my goal is to work with. A “United Russia” does not make sharp and independent movements. It is for this and lined up people to do what you think is right, and what they say or didn’t do anything.

— That is this party — something like a sedative or hypnotic?

— Notice I didn’t say it, and you. And many others say so. You cease to be yourself: everything! Why do I “United Russia”, when I saw the Communist party. I understand that these times can return, but didn’t think it would happen so soon. I was in the last years, several events of “United Russia”, looked at the podium, the first series and was surprised: they were all members of the Communist party. So about this party I have no illusions. My goal before the end to complete their term the mayor, to make the best of what I can, but I will continue to think.

— You — a mysterious, just a demonic character in the sense that the administration of two different presidents with the same dedication forbade the parties to include you in their lists. What is this you have done to the Kremlin?

For me it’s a mystery. I’m not a drinking man, I never missed a session of the state Duma, when I was a Deputy. This is my country, I was born here, grew up and do not intend to leave. I led meetings with citizens, I had to save people, I claimed only one thing: give me a chance to work effectively. Don’t understand how I could prevent them. It’s possible that just the era of the alignment of the vertical, began to “mow the meadow”, so it’s not bright and colorful. I’m not the same one who put the barrier without explainable reasons. But now we see the result: in the state Duma and regional parliaments are people neinitsiativen obedient. That is some negative selection visible to the naked eye. Because in the state Duma, in which I worked, one speech can turn the tide of the vote. The deputies were forced to reconcile the positions, normal to draft because there were people who know how to read them and to oppose. That is, the legislative power was higher. Too high from the point of view of the Kremlin.

— Back to the upcoming regional elections. Walk on them or not, from your point of view?

— My position: what is happening now — not an election but a blatant, cynical cheating of citizens. The only way not to lose the gambler is not with them to play. I believe that self-respecting people do not have to participate, because it’s just humiliating. Before the election everyone knows who will win. It will win, not will win, because the word “victory” a little bit of a different story A gambler can not win, he can only win.

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