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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Media: NASA said the news about the giant snails on Pluto

Representatives of space agencies rarely comment on news of ufologists, not to attract additional attention to the already unworthy of its messages. However, according to a number of media, recently, NASA experts have decided to make an exception. Scientists decided to explain what in fact are giant snails, supposedly recently discovered on Pluto.

photo: pixabay.com

Considering the pictures made by the research probe New Horizons, ufologists noticed the strange objects seemingly left a trail. Some of them resembled snails, even externally. However, the conditions on Pluto’s surface uninhabitable, and the “snail” on a global scale are too large for their existence was possible from a physiological point of view, even on Earth.

It is reported that professional scientists assume that the objects are blocks of water ice sliding on frozen nitrogen due to the difference in their density. In General, the movement on the surface of Pluto, according to this version, due to the fact that in the depths of the dwarf planet remains some geological activity.

As regards the external similarity of the rocks with snails, this key role could be played by a phenomenon called pareidolia — a psychological illusion, forcing to recognize the familiar images in the mysterious and unfamiliar shapes. Pareidolia is the true cause of the “sensationalism” of this kind often — UFO, followed by Internet users is often mistaken for alien animals or even aliens, the stones of unusual shape or the play of shadows on the surface of different planets and satellites.

Many serious scientists fully admit that the Earth may not be the only inhabited planet in the Universe, and some primitive forms of extraterrestrial life, with some probability, can occur even within the Solar system, may direct evidence to date, and no. However, frankly pseudo-scientific news about animals, resembling the earth, experts urge not to believe.


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