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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Taxes trump already at the Prosecutor?

As we remember Donald trump from the very beginning refused to do what he did to all the presidential candidates – to provide for public inspection of their tax return. It is still trying to pull the light of lawyers and activists, so far without success. But not quite.

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The Washington Post wrote about a hypothetical version of the disclosure of tax returns trump, despite the unwillingness of the President to share its contents with the public. This, according to the influential publication, may occur if the tax office be interested in (or interested?) tax evasion, which may have made trump on the eve of last year’s November elections.

As the newspaper writes, citing a journalistic investigation conducted by the Internet resources ProPublica and the Real Deal in April 2016 owned by one of the Trump companies sold two apartments to another company, the owner of which is the son of a trump – senior Eric trump. Apartment condominiums are located at the 13th and 14th floors of 14-story residential luxury building (with a doorman and other services on the highest level) in Manhattan, at the address: 100 Central Park South. The southern tip of new York’s Central Park – a place more prestigious hard-to-find. Nevertheless, the condominiums were sold at a price of $350 000 per unit is unrealistically low even for the price of the smallest apartments in the area. Two months before trunovskogo “cabal” these apartments were advertised for sale at a very different price, one for $790 000, and the other for $800,000.

If trump sold the apartment to his son for real market price, the problems would not be. But in the two times cheaper – this is the reason for the payment of gift tax: in the case trompowsky deal it would have amounted to about 40% of the cost of each of the two apartments.

By law, every American taxpayer can throughout life, to make tax-free gifts totaling $5.49 million, and the couple – in the amount of $10.98 million, But this tax is not automatically, but using special, gift tax returns – in addition to the usual, basic. Because trump still has not released their taxes for the past year, it’s impossible to know for sure, if he filed a gift return. But a meticulous press dug circumstantial evidence that was not filed.

According to the documents of the city of new York, publicly available, trump paid the tax on the profit obtained from the transaction with his son Eric, in the amount of $13 000. This amount would be true if he sold two apartments are not my son, and a stranger, but deal with the son existing regulations required him to consider selling at obviously a discounted price as a gift, with which he had to pay the tax 12 times more paid. Trump was clearly trying to avoid the Treasury curve goat paying off the state’s 12th part of the tax owed.

Under the most humane approach to such offense is Trump is shining a fine of $25 000 or a prison term of one year, or both. If prosecutors are to consider it an offence for a tougher article, the “reward” may be a fine of $100 000, imprisonment for up to five years, or a combination thereof.

…Was at one time such a powerful, seemingly invulnerable to justice character, like al Capone. Not being able to prove in court the serious crimes he committed, prosecutors have nevertheless put him behind bars, and permanently – for tax evasion. Trump has a chance to repeat his path.

Returning to trunovskoe tax returns: it will remain a mystery – so say many American lawyers, experts in the field of investigating financial crimes. The Internet-resource The Hill said Renato Mariotti, a former Federal Prosecutor, who was investigating fraud in the areas of securities and natural resources, working in the district Federal Prosecutor’s office in Chicago. He had repeatedly to investigate the cases of obstructing the administration of justice (which there is every reason to suspect trump). Mariotti believes that the RAID with a search warrant, held in July at the home of Paul Manafort (one of the closest aides of trump, who led last summer his campaign. – I. B.) suggests: spectracolor Robert Mueller, leading the investigation trunovskogo “rush the gate” probably already requested and received tax returns of a number of characters – perhaps including the trump.

Ex-Prosecutor, Mariotti says that to obtain the Federal judge’s search warrant, Mueller was required to submit evidence that with high probability has been committed a Federal offense and that the evidence can be found in the home Manafort. So, the investigation under the direction of Muller has already advanced far enough to have the necessary evidence. At this stage of the investigation, says Mariotti, prosecutors usually already familiar with the tax declarations of the suspects. Tax return the result gives valuable information about what people invested money where his Bank accounts, where they left large amounts, etc. Often, after reviewing the Declaration, the Prosecutor may sighting (knowing that he was looking for) request from the Bank or the Corporation (without the right of refusal) of certain materials.

Important point: often, the Federal Prosecutor takes the Federal judges of the special order (hereinafter referred to as the Latin term “ex parte”) to not notify the owner’s tax return on its withdrawal by the Prosecutor’s office. However, usually the Prosecutor conducting the investigation not on the tax thing (and the Commission Mueller is investigating possible collusion campaign trump with Russia), is obliged to “welcome” someone from the leadership of the Ministry of justice on the removal of the tax return. But the status of spectacular is that Muller can do it by his authority, with no one agreeing. So trump may or may not know that their taxes are already “under the hood müller” – or rather, under a microscope.

The investigation is still tightening the noose on the neck of the tramp, and the only way to stop “the strangulation of the President of the rush-gate” is to fire Robert Mueller presidency. That would be tantamount to admission of guilt.


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