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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The pipeline to bypass the Donbass will not save Ukraine from the energy catastrophe

The head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration Pavlo zhebrivskyi, who runs remaining under the control of Kyiv regions of Donbass, said that Ukraine started to build the gas pipeline bypassing the self-proclaimed DND. However, the consumer of the source is not the ordinary inhabitants of the Square, which after the refusal of Kiev to continue to purchase “blue fuel” from Russia, began to pay for the raw materials to 10 times more expensive, and Avdiivka coke plant, owned by businessman Rinat Akhmetov, the main investor of construction of the pipe.

photo: pixabay.com

According to Pavlo Zhebrivsky, for this construction will be spent not less than 58 million hryvnia or about $2.3 million Already made to mark the trail pipeline, attracted contractors to commence construction works. “Soon will start the first deliveries of pipes”, — said zhebrivskyi.

This statement exudes optimism — any military action will eventually lead to changes, and, first and foremost, building character, which positively affects the recovery of affected parties.

Meanwhile, consider it public and loud statement of Kiev, when investments in such projects do not go to any comparison with the basic requirements of investment in major transit pipeline system Square.

According to Zhebrivsky, only a few days from the gas supply in Avdiivka area was cut off from getting the “blue fuel” is about 3 thousand subscribers. It’s about 10% of the current population of this small region. Restoration of supply in the local towns and villages will give a chance for their population to believe that the future heating season, they will be relatively quiet.

That’s only for someone trying Ukrainian authorities who control the small, remaining under the “wing” of the Kiev territory of Donbass? For the three remaining tens of thousands living in the town and neighbouring settlements of citizens who stopped paying for gas. Yes, and they get fuel on a regular basis solely at the time of the armistice, and supplies are maintained in restricted limits.

Construction of a new pipeline, which Ukraine started to bypass the Donbass, will apply only to those areas that are on the territory controlled by it. First and foremost, it’s Avdiivka coke plant, not capable of without constant supply of fuel to provide for their livelihoods.

In other words, this pipe is necessary exclusively to a specific plant, owned by businessman Rinat Akhmetov, who gave about half the money for its construction. Gas transportation system of Ukraine, through which Russian gas continues to flow to Europe, including the investment success can not boast.

According to “Ukrtransgaz”, from the beginning of 2017, investments in the modernization of the Ukrainian GTS will be increased by 64% to $90 million modernization of the entire Ukrainian gas transport system requires investment two orders of magnitude greater. Russia, which is going to build a new European gas route bypassing Ukraine (the gas pipeline “Nord stream – 2”), together with partners from the EU to spend on it 10 times.

In addition, according to the chief of analytical Department UK “BK Savings” Sergei Suverov if private capital provides the main investment momentum, the party will be in the future, after the completion of construction of the local distribution systems require increased amounts of allocation of fuel and loyal price conditions. “Tariffs for the population have increased in recent years in Ukraine in 10 times. Pay has fallen almost to zero, the debt rose to space indicators. The population of the complex — who pays: or Kiev, which knocks the blame for the disruption of gas supplies to the LC and the DNI, or fawn to the rhetoric of the representatives of the independent republics of the USSR, speaking about energy independence from the former centre”, — the expert believes.

“In any case, these statements — as told to “MK” representative of a large European energy companies involved in infrastructure projects in Russia and Ukraine, is nothing more than an exchange of diplomatic barbs. Kiev is not ready for the new heating season. In the underground vaults of the Square today rolled only 13 billion cubic meters of gas, whereas for stable provision of its own population and transit of “blue fuel” of Russian raw materials to Europe to 17 billion “cubes”. They need to pump until 1 October”.

In other words, Kiev is less than a month (until September 1, is the sentence of short-term contracts) to make the gas supply in autumn and winter. The question price — about $800 million, which Ukraine will have to find to pay for raw materials. Otherwise, Kiev will have to select the “blue fuel” from the Russian export pipeline. As suggested by the first Vice-President of the Center for political technologies, Alexei Makarkin, therefore, $2 million, that Kiev is willing to spend on the construction of several kilometers of a gas pipeline bypassing of Donbass is just verbal intervention, to which you will refer during the autumn-winter period, when the arguments in favor of the reasons for excuses for the failure to provide the rest of the country fuels the leadership Square will be exhausted.


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