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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The expert called the “Marshall plan” for Ukraine’s “corrupt joke”

In Kiev announced details of the “Marshall plan” for Ukraine, which is developing in Lithuania. Ukrainian economy Minister Stepan Kubiv said that Europe would have to annually allocate 5 billion euros for the development of Ukraine’s economy. However, whether it will agree the European Union? And will these tools really change something in the economy of the Ukraine? This “MK” talked to an expert.

photo: pixabay.com

“This initiative of the Lithuanian Seimas provides for economic, political and financial support for Ukraine in the context of European integration, Stepan Kubiv wrote on his page in the social network. — We are talking at least € 5 billion annual support reforms aimed at economic growth and development”.

While this project is under discussion, and its main lobbyist in the European Union is Lithuania, which hopes to form a “club of friends” of Ukraine to promote this idea. Earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that during the July summit of EU — Ukraine discussed the prospect of developing a new plan of economic assistance to Ukraine by the type of “Marshall plan”. However, no concrete agreements on this account, then, were not made.

“This “Marshall plan” looks like a joke, — noted in conversation with “MK” leading researcher of the research Center for CIS countries Boris Nemensky. — Especially because he’s voiced by the leaders of Lithuania, one of the poorest and unsuccessful in Europe, which she dreamed of a “Marshall plan” and has no possibilities to influence the European guidance so it is something like that implemented. In addition, the EU budget for the coming years is already approved and working.

I doubt that now actually reasonable to talk about “Marshall plan”, because the economy of the advanced capitalist zone is a fundamentally different stage of development. For example, Poland has since joined the European Union, received much more money in the form of European subsidies than any country in Western Europe “Marshall plan” for all time of its action. And the result is, to put it mildly, not so. Accordingly, the idea that the economy can invest some money and it will be developed and good working, now not working even with well-preserved economies such as Poland.

The main problem of Ukraine is not that she did not provide any “Marshall plan” (and so give her a lot of money), and that any investment in the Ukrainian economy is very inefficient, primarily because of the total corruption in this country. In such circumstances, to provide economic assistance to Ukraine — is to throw money to the wind. To the economy will reach a mere fraction, and no matter what the result will not affect. If not for the total theft in the Ukraine, it would without any “Marshall plan” has received incomparably more money than now. These plans are not worth anything but a cheap political populism on the part of some representatives of Eastern European political elites, who do not see or want to see the real problems facing the Ukrainian economy.”


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