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Friday, February 23, 2018

The coup in Moscow: will the first color revolution Russia Day

August 19 is the date, which I myself called the Day of Russia. Yes, I know that the official Day of Russia on June 12. But what happened to us in June of 1990? Just some MPs took some kind of Declaration to which no one paid attention. What happened on August 19 1991 — 40 thousand boys and girls under the guidance of a few adults of the fighters for democracy came to the White house to protect the country from a coup instigated a putsch. I myself was there. And it was scary and funny: and what are we charging when the tanks come? Well, we began to uproot the fences and build their ridiculous barricade…

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Funny. But we won. Because the tankers didn’t want to push us. This was perhaps the first case in Russian history when the country’s fate decided not by politicians but by the people. People gathered in front of the White house on one side. And the people serving in the military, on the other. Both sides have made their choice: to Wake up August 21 in another country. Free.

Over the past 26 years related to the events of August 19-21, repeatedly changed. Euphoria “we defended freedom” soon gave way to depression: we destroyed the Soviet Union. Hope that now there will be lots of yummy food, melted in the realization that the food came, but to buy it no matter what. Few of those who went to the White house as the last battle, knew about the upcoming Union contract, about the monstrous debts of the Union, which will fall in the end one only Russia. Only us, and the rest of the Republic will not shoulder. We can’t imagine that after 2 years and 2 months, the White house, which we protect, will be shot. But that’s not important. It is important that we, the people, decided. And God forbid that our people at least once in the future, having the same chance.

Read the material: “the Anniversary of the emergency Committee: would Muscovites to protect Putin from the coup today”

Since the mid-zero, and to this day we are afraid of “color revolutions”. The encyclopedia is a new concept interpreted as non-violent change of government through mass protest. The policy adds that these revolutions are foreign agents and other spies. The color revolutions consider the change of power in Serbia at the end of the last century and early in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Arabic countries… Attempt to “color revolution” called and walks angry citizens on Bolotnaya square and Sakharov Avenue.

But one of the defenders of the White house in 1991, the human rights activist Lev Ponomarev, said that the event was the first in the history of “color revolution”. I shall now give the floor to him and his colleagues — the few adults who are in the historic August was able to draw on the barricades then more talented young people.

— The events of August 1991 was the culmination of a democratic revolution, which lasted more than two years, — said Lev Ponomarev. — Since 1989, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to peacefully demand change. Meanwhile, changes have already occurred — in the minds. People are tired to be slaves. This was the first color revolution. The coup was intended to stop this revolution, but he only gave her speed political changes happened during three days, and not months and years. Now our government is when it uses the term “color revolution”, always adds the word “Department” or “agents”. But note: none of us who opposed the putsch in 1991, do not blame, that we worked at the state Department. That would be silly, because the whole modern power — the product of the “color revolution” in Moscow in August 1991. I now believe that the main motive of a color revolution, no matter what country, is the inner motive, the desire to change their country when the government can’t offer her no future.

— The “color revolution” of 1991 was not feeding from abroad, — said Alexander Osivtsi, which in 1991 was the Deputy of the Moscow Soviet and a member of the coordinating Council of “Democratic Russia”. — Moreover, the revolution arose not from below but from above. The government began to promote the freedom of thought, to encourage him. Gorbachev wanted society to create change. For this he was deposed by the coup, which already figured out the people.

Historically known different versions of the revolution — makes a small educational program Ponomarev. — Until 1991 in the revolution a new elite physically destroy the old elite: execution, prison, the deprivation of rights. And the revolution of 1991 was peaceful, in its humane plus, but inevitable hardware minus. Elite, which was under the former regime, in fact, remained in arms. Power and money remain the red Directors, the tidbits of the Treasury secret service who are temporarily democratized, but gradually began reaction and began to return us all to great for them yesterday that we observe. Alas, the humane and bloodless revolution cannot protect its achievements. But still freedom is not destroyed, and whatever reactionary laws now made, we are still much freer than in Soviet times.

— It was a peaceful democratic revolution, which has completely met the bitter phrase that make a revolution of romance, and its results are rascals — describes the events of August 1991, former economy Minister Andrei Nechayev. — We fully got it. The meaning of the revolution in its humanity, and its inferiority in the same. If it was carried out a trial of the Communist party and lustration soft — ban for old officials to take time positions, except elected, the result would have been different. The democratic revolution must be able to defend themselves, but if you leave the key posts of officials of a totalitarian regime — that’s what you want? For some time they changed the rhetoric and all the criteria of the decision remained the same. And the main habit of the Soviet era: to work primarily on myself.

The biggest advantage of the revolution of 1991 in that it does not degenerate into civil war, as in 1917, says the former head of the presidential Administration of Russia Sergey Filatov. — If the confrontation in front of the White house was delayed, it would have led to the emergence of pockets of resistance from both sides in different parts of the country. Our intelligence told us that some regions have already created groups that are willing to go to Moscow. Fortunately, the confrontation ended in three days.

Differently interprets the story of the Director of the Institute of political and military analysis Alexander Sharavin, who in 1991, as an officer of the General staff, urged the military not to shoot at people: “Revolution is impossible without a civil war, so we have she was still. But with delay and limited by Moscow in 1993. In August of ‘ 91 we were freed from Communist rule, but the standoff continued. The Democrats tried to reform the Soviet power and make a normal parliamentary Republic. But the nuts and bolts of the fallen Soviet regime, remaining in their seats, could not and did not want to reform. In the end, only symbolic shots of tanks on the White house freed us from the old regime. The Soviet power on the bayonets came, by force and held by force of arms was overthrown. The country was freed from Soviet rule only in 1993”.

Note: symbolic execution of 1993 may have been necessary and inevitable. But it was not so important because in 1993 the decision was taken not the people.


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