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Monday, January 22, 2018

Denis Davydov: the Terrorists, who are competent people with programming skills

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS Ukraine is looking for new ways to undermine the economy of the republics of Novorossiya and for the sake of trying to prove that Russia supplied to Europe, the coal is actually mined in the Donbass. Consequently, supplies of it are, from the point of view of Ukraine, are illegal. And it really is possible to prove technically. Whether Europe will go in this matter towards Kiev? Details…

  • Moscow exchange decided to suspend trading pair hryvnia-the ruble
  • Novak called the timing of the lifting of restrictions on the supply of Turkish agricultural products
  • The savings Bank has submitted the Declaration of accession to the Association of banks “Russia”

Go to a section…the Sentence Ulyukayev for many will be a surprisePhoto: Stanislav Krasilnikov/Tassay loud trial this year, only begun, has been postponed until 1 September. However, public expectations from the trial of Alexei Ulyukaev has already been formed. And they are amazing – most Russians believe that the former Minister will get off with light sentence. And yet there is reason to believe that the court’s decision will be totally different. Details…

  • Advisers to the leaders of the “Normandy four” meeting in Minsk
  • The foreign Ministry called Israel’s position on the “Sobibor” “bordering on treason”
  • Kiev has sent Moscow a note of protest from-for Putin’s visit to Crimea

Go to a section…”looking for Him, and in 70-e years”Photo: press-service of OOD “Search movement of Russia”Defenders of the adzhimushkay quarry in the degree of heroism are on a par with the defenders of the Brest fortress. But the story of their heroism is not so well known, moreover, most of the victims have not been identified so far. However, another expedition of searchers in Crimea brought a unique find. And unique history. Details…

  • Media: In the center of Grozny passed the “act of repentance” signed the letter to Chaika Chechens
  • Putin urged to restore Sebastopol to attract tourists
  • Putin and Medvedev visited the Museum-reserve “Chersonese”

Go to a section…of Barcelona confirmed the transformation of terrorism as part of everyday lifePhoto: ZUMA/Global Look Rgest of a series of attacks in Catalonia does not fundamentally differ from those that in recent months has come from London, St. Petersburg, Brussels, and a dozen other places. Alarmists warned of the impending spiral of terrorist violence. The reality was different terrorism is becoming commonplace. Details…

  • The white house confirmed the resignation of’bannon
  • The executor of the terrorist attack in Barcelona was among the militants killed in Cambrils
  • Media: trump has decided to dismiss the Advisor’bannon

Go to a section…hazing in the army was replaced by “Association”Photo: ura.news”the Problem here is not ethnic hatred or hatred, and that hazing in the army was replaced by “Association”, – said the member of the presidential Council on human rights Sergey Krivenko. He was commenting on a mass brawl in the training center contract in the Sverdlovsk region – 60 soldiers from Tuva against hundreds of local. What you need to do to avoid such incidents? Details…

  • In case of fire in the center of Moscow, rescued two people
  • The building with the store Sterligov lit up in the center of Moscow
  • Thief in Siberia, calculated the DNA because eaten at the scene of sour cream

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Victor Militarev: Only Stalin was “quite free” from this “mainstream”

Exactly one hundred years ago, in August of 1917, in Petrograd failed Kornilov revolt. I think that today, a hundred years, it will be very useful to try to understand why the authorities then were able to make it to the Bolsheviks.
Details…Discussion: 44 comment

Elena Kondratieva-Salguero: Agitprop the light-faced one tolerance

While in Barcelona are fighting over the dying and the wounded count for 120 kilometers on the street out received this information people, sit behind the wheel and headed into the crowd. In the meantime, news channels scroll the next lullaby.

Details…Discussion: 26 comments

Anton Krylov: Another attempt to forget Herostratus

The hype around “Matilda” is gradually eroding, but I have something to comfort you: on the way another reason for abundant as it is now fashionable to say, “hype”, that is a loud discussion by the public.
Details…Discussing: 51 review

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    Vladimir Putin is a grown-up conversation (video)

    Direct line with Vladimir Putin

    Discussion: 139 reviews

    Putin holds plenary session of SPIEF

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      In the cities of Catalonia, a series of terrorist attacks

      In Barcelona and Tarragona, the attacks occurred with the use of transport: by Thursday afternoon, a van drove into a crowd in the tourist centre of Barcelona, the night was done hitting pedestrians in Barcelona. In the result, 13 people were killed, about hundred have got wounds. In addition, two explosions in Alkaloidonosnyh…

      Director of the White house communications was the 28-year-old former model

      The White house has another new face. Temporary head of service on communications appointed former model – 28-year-old hope Hicks, who have been working in the family Trumps. It was she who helped lead his Trump TwitterПодробности…Discussion: 10 comments

      Actress Vera Glagoleva

      Died one of the most charismatic and charming Actresses of the Soviet and Russian cinema Vera Glagoleva. The actress is known for touching women’s images in a number of domestic filmovidomaci…

        Go to a section…do you Support the idea to limit Russia’s movie “Matilda” (even without seeing it)?

        • Yes
        • No
        • Will decide after watching

        The Russian foreign Ministry announced retaliatory measures against the United States. The measures taken, in your opinion:

        • Adequate
        • Insufficient
        • Excessive

        In Germany
        offering Russia a solution to the problem with the turbines “Siemens”: just give them back. How would cost to do?

        • To give turbine
        • Not to give turbine

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          News of the HOUR:Novak called the timing of the lifting of restrictions on the supply of Turkish agricultural products

          The foreign Ministry called Israel’s position on the “Sobibor” “bordering on treason”Key adviser to trump sent to attakullakulla gave a master class in possession secondany countries that will participate in the parade in Kavalerovsky court of Ukraine accepted the claim Poroshenko on banning societyfor EU said the absence of Russia’s plans for war with NATOUkraine authorities protested the students with the teacher in Rossiyans head of the SBU: Poroshenko congratulated Clinton on his election victory in Sauraseni pollution of the Volga oil called kriticheskie arrived in Sevastopolsky court overturned the verdict of the militia DNR from Brasileira urged Kiev to stop “telling tales” about the return of the Peninsula

          The main theme

          Mangling the names of Russian in the countries of the former USSR really became a problem

          “technologically obsolete”

          Novak describe what the Ukrainian GTS loses compared to the “Nord stream – 2”

          a successful operation

          There were reports about the capture of militants surrounded in the center of Syria

          rehabilitation center

          Singer Osin directed to the treatment of alcoholism

          The Barents sea

          The submarine “Severodvinsk” held fire “Caliber” (video)

          Aivazovsky our

          Interpol at the request of Kyiv was declared wanted by the 52 paintings from the Simferopol Museum

          backlash to the law

          The EU has been able to withdraw from the U.S. sanctions are part of energy projects with Russian participation


          FAS are not out there looking for the cause of the high price of tickets

          energy of the future

          In America, found huge reserves of the element, which “will be the basis of energy independence of the United States”

          “the tracks of wild change”

          Andrei Babitsky: Luzhkov’s Moscow looked so filthy, leaving her I did not feel the slightest regret

          “Another attempt to forget Herostratus”

          Anton Krylov: the Authors heartily kidding Stalin and other Soviet leaders, and over the USSR in General

          On a fresh interview with the Minister of education

          Oleg Makarenko: in a few years we have a chance to see a much more effective educational process

          in your opinion

          Do you support the idea to limit Russia’s movie “Matilda” (even without seeing it)?

          The list of required to send in the FSB user data”Modern terrorists, who are competent people with programming skills”

          “For law-abiding user is not only nothing has changed, law-abiding user will benefit from this,” – said the newspaper VIEW Director of the League of safe Internet Denis Davydov, commenting on the new measures deanonimizatsii users in social networks. In his opinion, the measures will help to prevent new terrorist acts on the territory of Russia.

          At the end of last week, the Ministry of communications issued a discussion draft of his order on the regulatory requirements for equipment used in the informsystems the organizers of information dissemination (ARI) on the Internet (instant messengers, social networks and so on, the registry ORI leads Roskomnadzor). While the text of the document only presented for public discussion (up to 6 September) on the Federal portal of projects of normative acts, anyone can Express their wishes.

          The order has already caused a wide public resonance – it lists what data about users ORI will be required to transfer to special services, particularly the FSB, on request. Among such user information includes a nickname (alias), passport details, address, email, IP address, billing information, text messages, sent and received files, information about knowledge of foreign languages, as well as other users of social networks, these as relatives.

          What is the purpose of the new measures and why Russians should not worry about their introduction, as well as similar practices in other countries, in an interview with the newspaper look told the Executive Director of the League of safe Internet Denis Davydov.

          The VIEW: Denis N. whether the proposed package of measures to help prevent new terrorist acts on the territory of Russia?

          Denis Davydov: Yes, that’s right. This is the real true goal of these innovations. Finally, our law enforcement and intelligence agencies will have normal, effective tools in order, to react to terrorist threats. This is exactly what was missing. If such a system is established, it is clear that the main field of its application is counter – terrorism.

          Denis Davydov (photo: Vladimir Gerdo/TASS)

          OPINION: would this Facilitate the carrying out quickly-search actions?

          D. D.: Yes, significantly. Previously, the dealers did their secret mischief – robbed, cheated – on the Internet, and to find them, you had to perform feats to the police. Now is going to make it much easier.

          OPINION: in order to analyze such a large amount of information, you will need probably a large number of specialists? But people are always not enough, and besides, it can be very costly.

          D. D.: the fact that thanks to modern technology analysis of large data sets a large part will perform the algorithms and – in the future – the program of artificial intelligence. Intervention living people, specialists will be required only in those cases where information really is of value, importance and necessary to carry out law enforcement duties.

          OPINION: So, the system will, in fact, sharpened the analysis of this information by Big data technologies?

          D. D.: in General, any similar systems that store hundreds of millions of records, metadata and other information, of course, focused primarily on storage and convenient retrieval of information. That is, such systems can offer some insights that need further inspection by law enforcement and intelligence agencies. When carrying out quickly-search actions or the investigation of any crime, these data would be very useful.

          OPINION: a year ago there were reports that the authorities in Russia are already using Big data technologies (big data).

          D. D.: it is Difficult to say whether it is right Big data technologies. Now, as far as I know, the state only discusses the architecture and those authorities and organizations which will be engaged in the collection and processing of such data. However, we can say that both the state and private business in this part of the deal.

          If we look at operators, for example, cellular communication or in the credit and banking institutions, such as Sberbank, than it is not the operators of the “big data” which they process and make on the basis of this analysis some conclusions?

          OPINION: is it True that for this system all personal information is a kind of “white noise”, and certain structures and phrases which can be connected with plans of acts of terrorism will be “highlighted”?

          D. D.: the fact that the information collected will not affect the right of citizens to inviolability of private life and secrecy of correspondence. It will be primarily data that could identify an individual user. In General, it is a system which data to collect and store.

          Be processed this information will be only by request only by court order. So that the law enforcement and intelligence agencies will not just have access, for example, to the messages that users send to each other.

          The government says banning of anonymity. Have in mind that for the state for law enforcement and intelligence agencies should not be anonymous users. However, each of these users has a right to privacy, to confidentiality of communications. Therefore, the state strongly demonstrates and declares that will defend that right. Meanwhile, various transnational Internet giants violate this right.

          Many people say: “Here, all is lost, now the FSB will know the user login and IP address”. So what? It will help us all to avoid problems with terrorists. For some reason, few people say that same of Google, Amazon, Facebook not only keep users ‘ private messages, but also use them at their discretion. That is, they read your private messages. Google directly says, “Yes, we read your correspondence”.

          OPINION: For the average law-abiding user that nothing will change?

          D. D.: For the law-abiding user is not only nothing has changed, law-abiding user will benefit from this. I can safely cite the example of China. Many begin to laugh and giggle, when it comes to China, tell some scary stories about censorship, how everything is bad. Actually in China after the ban anonymity of the Internet economy began to grow faster, the number of frauds decreased in the Network. And ordinary citizens benefit from this, especially in terms of safety.

          I am sure that the introduction of such a system will enable us to win not only in terms of security and safety against terrorist threats, but also thanks to the new tools and features that will get the law enforcement agencies, will increase the detection of many crimes committed using the Internet.

          Here it seems to me, by the way, that is logical, if the access to these tools will not only get the FSB and the Ministry of interior. And, for example, those cases on pedophiles online that kids getting molested, will move from the dead point. Just because it is now thanks to the Internet they are encrypted, exchanged for some closed, secret sites with tips on how to seduce children.

          OPINION: you partly touched on already. Many bloggers and other critics in the discussion of this project forget that our lives, our safety often depends on the people who protect our peace of mind: from intelligence agencies, from the internal organs. Why?

          D. D.: It really is. Our security is entirely dependent on the efficiency and effectiveness of the system of operative-investigative activities, as well as from the interaction of society, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Because it is not solely the task of the security bodies to resolve these issues. Alone, without relying on society to make this very difficult. It turns out very strange story. Much is being done to ensure that the bodies had modern tools to ensure our security, and there are some people who are cranky and say weird things that don’t need to do. Although the whole world is moving towards tighter controls.

          Generally, activists who advocate the anonymity of the Internet somehow do not understand one thing. It lies in the fact that the anonymity of the Network is gone forever. It is no longer – and never will be.

          VIEW: AND was she ever?

          D. D.: It was very conditional. And law enforcement agencies with the big share of probability could be set or another one in your Network, even if it took some amount of time. Now it will need to spend less, and saved time can be used to search for criminals, terrorists and extremists.

          LOOK: You said that the whole world is going the way of limiting anonymity on the Internet. The British Parliament last year approved a law that obliges operators to store during the year the data about all sites visited by their users, and communication services used by subscribers, and also determines under what circumstances the authorities have the right to hack into computers of users. Why is our opposition-minded bloggers ignore this fact?

          D. D.: some bloggers have the idea that throughout the world different, and in Russia we have a “bloody regime” stifled the rights and freedoms of man and citizen. It’s such an artificial world in which they live. They themselves created it. And they don’t even bother to follow the news from other countries. And the news from other countries – about the same order. The state in all these countries provides control over the Network for data transmission.

          In Germany, for example, is already regulated at the legislative level the question of what you can write in social networks, and what not. And that prohibited content in social networks to remove themselves independently Internet sites. Of course, if our various bloggers, opposition and non-opposition, just more interested in this issue, they would have realized that it is a global trend. It is not associated with any stifle freedoms, and is associated with banal security.

          We live in the XXI century and modern terrorists is not just some bearded, riding on a donkey, modern terrorists, who are competent people with skills in programming and cryptography. In addition, they attract programmers to wage cyber warfare against the “infidels” in their understanding. These people have sufficient skills to any of the European cities to organize a blackout – turn off power stations, water towers, transport. So, of course, around the world States are trying to counter. One solution to this problem is data collection and their short storage.

          I would like here to draw attention to the fact that we are talking about a short-term storage of this data, while Google, probation, or Facebook keep the data forever, forever! They are not washed, they remain forever. That is why they build US a giant “data centers”.

          OPINION: IN the Netherlands too, since the end of last year there has been a public discussion of the bill, will involve the collection with the help of local operators information about messages and calls users and its subsequent storage. Authorities plan to monitor correspondence and conversations of Dutch and calculate potential terrorists. Do you think it will take you there in the end this law?

          D. D.: of Course, it will be adopted. The fact that EU countries have become hostages of the flow of migrants, flow of refugees. Many of those who are represented by refugees, are active members of illegal armed groups and terrorist cells.

          This, in turn, significantly increases the terrorist threat. Traditional methods of operational-search activities to cope with such shaft information is simply unrealistic. Therefore, it is a question of the future of our quite close, when European and not only European countries will adopt similar laws. I am confident that these laws will be more stringent than in Russia.

          OPINION: so, after some time the whole world will move towards a more thorough control of the Internet space in order to protect from terror and from crime?

          D. D.: Yes, and the next questions that will occur to the state, including within the framework of bilateral and multilateral relations, the regulation of interaction in the field of data transmission. Information about our citizens is inviolable and protected by the state. Therefore, the state will have to regulate on some level Convention of the international rules for the use of these data, their cross-border transfer.

          If our government guarantees the right to privacy, it will need to ensure it and by treating other participants, including from abroad. International legislation in this sphere European, Russian, American – will gradually be harmonised.


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