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Monday, February 19, 2018

Crimea Putin introduced Medvedev with the “Night Wolves”

If the doctor Lukashina and his friends had a tradition of December 31, walk in bath, Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev are every summer choose one day to do things together. This year a demonstration of the strength of the tandem, and along with moral support of the party “United Russia” in the person of its leader before the regional elections became Sevastopol. The President and the Prime Minister met at the new school, built in a densely populated area “Cossack Bay,” and did not leave until late evening, when they came together on the music festival “Opera in Chersonesos”. However, for all day long Dmitry Medvedev did not say anything. At least in public.

photo: kremlin.ru

The school, which was attended by top officials of the state, was ideally suited to demonstrate the thesis that the Russian authorities words on the wind drops. And its citizens too. Promised to the families of soldiers living in “Cossack Bay”, to quickly finish school, started in 2012, and now, this 1st of September, finally finished.

– Thank you very much! This is the first school in the city over the past 25 years, excitedly shouting to the audience in the hall, parents and teachers.

Vladimir Putin has promised, not the last one. By 2019, will build the second phase a further 400 seats. In General, problems with the financing of educational establishments in Sevastopol, according to him, not now, but suddenly it was found difficult to identify the responsible construction companies.

– That your Governor says is referred to GDP standing next to Dmitry Ovsyannikov, that it would be possible to build a large volume, but lacks a bona fide builders.

Parents humbly listened to this version.

– Mr President, I want to tell you: there are people who understand what you are doing across the earth, and these people will stand behind you – with fervor said someone’s dad in the uniform of an officer of the black sea fleet.

Dmitry Medvedev, who last year decried not a very good statement about teachers, this time in the dialogue did not intervene, although he had every right to: it was on his initiative was developed and adopted a program for construction of new schools.

From “Cossack Bay” the motorcade of the President and the Prime Minister moved in the direction of the memorial complex “the 35th battery”, dedicated to the defense of Sevastopol 1941-1942. I Must say that GDP and women have laid flowers at the Pantheon of memory, but this time a traditional ceremony looked not quite usually due to the participation of bikers. Severe men in leather pants, under the leadership of ubiquitous Surgeon originally hoped that Vladimir Putin will take part in their Patriotic show “Russian reactor”, based on the concept of the writer Alexander Prokhanov, compared with the reactor of the Russian people. But the President decided to only brief communication on the site of the memorial complex. The surgeon of GDP at the meeting embraced as an old friend, introduced him to German bikers, who arrived in the Russian Crimea in spite of the recommendations of the official Berlin. And on their behalf presented the head of state simple picture of two hands painted in the colors of the Russian and German flags, exchange a firm handshake.

– The more we push, the more interesting to come here pleased with the Germans, Vladimir Putin.

The surgeon, in turn, urged the President not to refuse from visiting the bike show and see this great spectacle at least a few minutes.

– Together we launched a Russian reactor, our people, which creates an unprecedented energy, and now we need to unleash it with full power, he explained the concept of submission.

While Putin enjoyed associating with bikers, Dmitry Medvedev, giving the Surgeon a quick handshake, whiled away the time in society, the presidential envoy in the southern Federal district Vladimir Ustinov and acting Governor. In the familiar circle of officials, he clearly felt more comfortable than among the brutal wolves.

Talking about patriotism and special mission of the Russian people continued in the Chersonese, where the tea party with the President and joined him dam gathered members of the public. However, Medvedev again was silent. Dialogue with workers of culture of the Crimea was supported by one GDP.

– Here you need to create a Russian, the Russian Mecca. The place where we now are, has a unique value for our people and our statehood – hearing statements, the statements of the President. It is in the Chersonese, he said, was laid the ideological basis for the unification of the Slavic tribes that eventually led to the formation of a single state and the Russian nation.

The creation of a “Mecca” together with the Ministry of culture, apparently, is going to do Putin’s Confessor Tikhon Shevkunov. At least, that he acquainted the President with plans for further development and improvement of the reserve “Chersonese”.


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