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Monday, November 20, 2017

Conspiracy theorists have noticed the “secret space ship NASA”

During the docking the ISS and cargo spacecraft Dragon in the movie by fixing this process, flashed a bright red line that attracted the attention of ufologists. According to one version, immediately put forward by the hunters for such mysterious shots, the object is classified spacecraft belonging to American space Agency NASA.

photo: pixabay.com

Usually in this situation, the self-proclaimed experts announced that they had discovered a spaceship of aliens, but in this case, as reported by some media, they put forward a different version. Ufologists considered that the red object is a secret NASA in “Red dragon”, performs the task associated with the development of secret missions. However, the version that the object may be alien spaceship, conspiracy theorists also do not exclude. Anyway, some viewers of the video tend to believe that “NASA will never tell the truth.

However, among Internet users, who commented the video, there were many who felt the red stripe defect video or any other not too “mysterious” phenomenon. And someone whether in jest, whether seriously said that in fact the whole video and the space agencies is a hoax, because the Earth is flat.

News of the mysterious objects, reminiscent of the activities of extraterrestrial civilizations, recently began to appear on the network even more than usual. Only recently the Internet has spread the news about the 70-meter space alien ship near one of the asteroids, alien buildings on the moon, their underground base on Mars and even the visit of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations on our planet during the recent lunar Eclipse. However, usually the “evidence base” of the authors of such news are the shots where with a little imagination, you can see almost anything.


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