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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Became known the reason for the delay Yurchikhin and Ryazan in the open space

A half hour more than time spent in space Fyodor Yurchikhin and Sergey Ryazanskiy on Friday. Hitch members 52-th expedition to the ISS occurred because of problems with the installation of handrails from a single Russian module to another. In the end, instead of 6 hours work time with the Board was 7.5, despite the fact that modern space suits allow you to be in space for only 8 hours.

photo: pixabay.com

As reported by “MK” in the Russian space Agency, the release of 17 August was the first after half year break. The astronauts left the airlock at 17.45 and was due back at 23.45, 6 hours, scheduled staffing.

During its work, the astronauts assembled on the external surface of the station, scientific equipment, selected in the four working areas of the samples for microbial contamination, installed new material samples for long term exposure in outer space, launched five nanosatellites held photography of the external surface of the Russian modules and their separate structural elements. To ensure the movement on the surface of the station, the astronauts installed a soft handrails and other elements. However, with the installation of the handrail transition from the module Poisk (mini-research module-2) module Zarya (functional cargo block), the astronauts encounter problems. This, as reported by “MK” in RSC “Energia”, and was the cause of the extension of the work of an hour and a half. Unfortunately the handrail was never installed. The astronauts returned to the station in 0.11 minutes Moscow time. The total time of stay behind was 7 hours 34 minutes. The record for staying behind with Yurchikhin Ryazan is not broken. It belongs to the members of the 38th expedition, flying in 2013. Its members were the same Sergei Ryazansky and Oleg Kotov

The health of the astronauts 52nd expedition after returning to the station is good, they continue the execution of the flight program.


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