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Friday, February 16, 2018

The history of “Our Crimea” Ukrainian writers as the fathers of Donbass independence

Seven years ago, on a hot August 2010, the Ukrainian writer Yuri Andrukhovych in an interview with the Kyiv UNIAN news Agency made the following proposal: “the Donbass and the Crimea is politically part of the Russian nation. I’m not saying that all the polls out there, but to the Ukrainian minority, there are easier to offer immigration here because they are so there is cornered, always chasing, not can implement any project. In Donetsk, does not pass even such a thing as to assign to the University the name of their countryman Vasyl Stus” (Ukrainian writer and dissident, arrested for anti-Soviet activities – approx.of the author). “That is, there is a priori aggressively blocked any Ukrainian movement. It is blocked not due to some repression, but because I really do not want the local population. It is someone else’s Ukraine. Ukraine is alien to him and uninteresting, at least, indifferent. There is a concentration of mental-perception of everything connected with Ukrainian independence,” lamented the writer.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
Photo: Rafał Komorowski.

Moreover. One of the most vivid literary singers have the first “Maidan” Yuri Andrukhovych did not rule out that the Donbass and the Crimea can secede from Ukraine. “I think we always cherish any illusion of territorial integrity, which is already there. It exists today only because their boyfriend (at the time Viktor Yanukovych – approx.of the author) sitting in Kiev on the throne. That is, one-seventh of Ukraine makes a decisive contribution to how to live the country as a whole. Because I wouldn’t refuse such project and wouldn’t do in General this damned integrity by some dogma. Why Balk at what actually destroys us and ruins?”, he says.

However, such a development Andrukhovich was only in the case of a return to power “orange”, which at that time the writer believed very little: “Leaving a chance for the Ukrainian future, it is necessary to consider this option unless of course we want to keep the chance.” “I mean, if once there is such a miracle that Ukraine will win again, relatively speaking, “orange”, you will need to give the opportunity to the Crimea and the Donbass to secede. Now they do not, because today their people are sitting in power in Kiev”, – said the writer. In 2010, he, as well as most of the current Kiev rulers, highly doubt that “that the orange will ever come to power”.

Needless to say, that interview did then a lot of noise – at present the SBU for this kind of revelation had an immediate hold of the writer on charges of encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine and to plant, at least 4 years, as in 2015 the journalist Artem Buzila.

Andrukhovich even had to justify himself: “I have No such position, as to just separate the Donbass and the Crimea. I have these words did not say. I said that, maybe it makes sense to ask them to give you the opportunity to think about it, shouldn’t they be separated. It’s still a very significant difference”. “But let’s make sure that in Kiev the power shift, to win again the Pro-Ukrainian policy, then we will investigate how to continue to work or not to work with these regions. That’s all I wanted to offer,” he added.

“This is the opinion expressed during the interview, the personal opinion of the individual, which, of course, recognize the right of residents of the two regions of the Donbas and Crimea to vote as they see fit and correct. I recognize this right, and I think that there is nothing unique in this position, no,” he said.

On the last sentence you should pay special attention. That is, you realize that in 2010, with newly elected Donetsk President Yanukovych, antipathetic Galician writer Andrukhovych and others like him, this writer publicly called on residents of Donbass and Crimea “to vote as they see fit and proper”. Voila – after less than four years after this interview on 16 March 2014 in Crimea on 11 may 2014 in the Donbas referendums on self-determination literally brought to life sentence in Ivano-Frankivsk pismenica who is concerned about the “Ukrainization” of Ukraine. Moreover, such statements about Donbass as “gangrene on the body of Ukraine,” the engineer of human souls had produced before. Is it any wonder after all that happened in 2014? Many Ukrainian nationalists such as Dmitry Korchinsky, echoing (or anticipating) Andrukhovych, in those peaceful years have repeatedly expressed the same assumptions. And it really is – well, was not inherently Crimea and the Donbass, never Ukrainian. However, the Odessa, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk were not.

You ask, what about today? Of course, today, Andrukhovych says that “the speech on the separation of Donbass from Ukraine”. But he “never would have traded what we have today, the relative peace of 2011-2012, under no circumstances would not want to go back in time” – that is, the civil war now in its fourth year running in the East of Ukraine, writer from Galicia suits more than peacetime early Yanukovych as “another round of tests still brings us closer to the country in which I would like to see Ukraine” (that is, without the Donbass, Crimea and the list goes on – approx.of the author). That in itself speaks volumes. Even better than carcass, but in Europe, than the whole country, but with Russia it turns out. It is based on such statements of various demagogues, as, for example, close to SBU, “political analyst,” Vitaly Kulik write that “every little Russian there is a 7.62”.

Despite all the efforts and the rapid degradation, literaturinstitut post-Soviet society is enormous – the writers still rule the world through the meanings they create. It would be very desirable that these meanings were more peaceful. Such as that of an Elder. The truth behind them and killed him.


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