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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

People were committed to the survival of green algae

About 650 million years ago, the development of green algae created the conditions for the evolution of animals, which, ultimately, led to the appearance of man. With such an assumption was made by experts from the Australian national University.

photo: pixabay.com

By studying sedimentary rocks of Proterozoic time, the researchers found that the number of biological molecules, suggesting that 820 million years on Earth with a high probability there were many red algae. 717 years ago, the Earth is assumed to be covered with ice, and 659 million years ago again, “thawed”, and this , according to the scientists obtained data, heralded the wide spread of green algae. First, these organisms are initially prevalent only in freshwater, began to spread on the oceans, which previously was dominated by bacteria.

Subsequently, as scientists assume, the lower plants enriched seawater previously absent in her nutrients, creating the conditions of the appearance of animals and their further development. Through millions of years, this is the process that is started by algae, has led to the emergence on our planet of algae, scientists say.

A study published in the journal Nature.

In March this year a group of researchers from the national Museum of natural history in Stockholm, Sweden, found in deposits of sedimentary rocks in India the imprint of ancient algae, whose age is estimated at 1.6 billion years. After examining the shape, size and structure of the fossils, experts have come to the conclusion that she, in all probability, about 400 million years older than the previous “champion” — a multicellular organism called Bangiomorpha, the imprint of which was found in Canada in 2000. Find really more like a modern red algae than green.


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