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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Loneliness trump: the titans of American business have stood up to the President

The President of the United States, Donald trump turned out to be even more isolated from the titans of American business. This isolation spread to the Republican party leadership, and the leadership of all branches of the armed forces of the United States. The heads of major U.S. corporations said they can no longer serve as trump’s advisers. Answering deserting a sinking presidential ship, trump was limited by the fact that said: “Thank you!”

photo: AP
Protesters in Charlottesville.

The US President is both commander-in-chief of all armed forces of the country. But on Wednesday there was something unusual: the Ministers of all types of armed forces — army, air force, Navy, marine corps and national guard issued a statement in which the anathema of neo-Nazism and racism in its most uncompromising forms. However, they did not mention trump’s name, but such an affront to the commander in chief has never had a place in the history of the United States.

Finally, all the Republican leadership made a statement in which it condemns hatred, broke out in Charlottesville.

Even Vice-President Mike Pence was forced to crumple his trip to South America and now is going back to USA. Report that on Friday he will participate in the meeting at camp David. The white house insists that the meeting supposedly devoted to the problems of South Asia. Although during the trip the Vice-President of Pensions was forced to maintain, as best he could, the President trump, but he nevertheless refused “to sign” the statement trump that both sides in Charlottesville was guilty in the riots. Both parties are peaceful protesters and the extreme right.

Wednesday late night, Donald trump urged his supporters to join him in the rally, which will take place on August 22 in Phoenix. But the mayor of Phoenix Greg Stanton said in his Twitter that he was disappointed with the President’s position.

The mayor says that is not the time to hold meetings in Phoenix, when the country was sincerely outraged by the support provided by the trump neo-Nazis, the ku Klux Klan and other scum of American society.

As you know, the son-in-law of the President of trump Kushner is a Jew. A Jew is and his closest aide to the late. The Jewish belief was accepted by daughter Ivanka, who married a Kushner. They are all now in a difficult situation. Not calling on behalf of President trump, they branded a massacre, organized in Charlottesville right-wing forces.

And here the President trump was exposed almost from all over. He refused to trust the largest captains of American business, executives of all species of the genera and heads of all the armed forces, the Republican leadership on Capitol hill and, finally, even in his own family he found no support. Apparently, loneliness is the lot of trump while he is in the White house.


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