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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Anniversary of putsch: would Muscovites to protect Putin from the coup today

On the weekend you have a memorable date — the beginning of the coup and its defeat. And how would our citizens if the coup took place, now they are ready to come to the defense of the legitimate government, or put up and left to sit at home? And that allowed, in General, the handful of unarmed people 26 years ago to defeat the coup, which was the power structure? Was thinking about that the participants of those events at the round table in “MK”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Today, many millions of Russians believe that their opinion depends nothing, and the government all by itself for us to solve. According to different surveys, about 40% of Russians believe that their vote does not solve anything. Meanwhile, 19-20 August 1991, just a few tens of thousands of people that came to the White house, determined the fate of the country, and on 21 August began a new democratic era. For the first time in modern history the choice was made not by politicians and their loyal subjects, and people.

1991 was not only a year of empty shelves, but the company hopes. People started to feel the fresh air of freedom, and this was more important than the satiety. And suddenly we declare that freedom is over and everything’s back to the old way. That’s scary, it makes to do something, — says Michael Schneider, who at that time was Executive Secretary of the “Democratic Russia”. But the problem was that then there were no Internet and mobile communications. That coup, most people just didn’t know how to organize them to protest it was unclear. So we had to print flyers to inform people on the streets. And we came up with another channel of information is asked of drivers metro to announce that need to come to the defense of the White house. Not everyone agreed, of course, because it required personal courage. But in the end, quorum, sufficient to protect the democratic path of development, was collected. Don’t know, could have it today? Because then it was clear that we defend was the belief that our peaceful opinion hear.

— The last time I organized a meeting in memory of the victory over the putsch a few years ago and was amazed when it came with about 70 people, — said the former head of the presidential Administration of Russia, and in 1991, the first Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Soviet Sergei Filatov. — What has changed in these 26 years? Gradually faded the hopes that arose after the victory over CGCP. Then had all the prerequisites to make another country free growing. But gradually these assumptions began to be destroyed. Many of the freedoms eliminated, the economy stagnates. No hopes, but on the other hand, there is no famine. Operates a kind of contract: the government provides minimal sustenance and we close our eyes at her antics. So to the food riots case comes, and rallies in support of the authoritarian system leaves more than for human rights. But this does not mean that the current government will rush to defend if it appears to be under threat. The task of the deputies of the Supreme Council at that time was not to campaign against the putsch, to avoid as many military units to convince the military not to use force against unarmed Muscovites protecting the White house. We did it.

Now many wonder: all the officers were Communists, as they had not complied with the orders of the party and the emergency Committee? says Alexander Sharavin, Colonel of the General staff in 1991. — But you need to understand that the army was also divided. Some of the officers included in the democratic platform of the CPSU and informal democratic movement, such as “War for democracy”. There were not many percent, maybe 25, but it was enough that the army has not shed the blood of his people, and the coup degenerated into a peaceful democratic revolution.

— Suppose a group of individuals us tomorrow on TV will announce that Vladimir Vladimirovich was ill and resting in the Crimea, and the country will correct the other. How it will react to the population, will come to his defense?

— A lot depends on who it was announced — is responsible former economy Minister Andrei Nechayev. — How are people using respect. Despite the unlikelihood of such a situation, some Parallels between 1991 and now still asking for it. Then, around Gorbachev were two forces that opposed each other: the liberals and the security forces, which were concentrated around the head of the KGB Kryuchkov. Gorbachev maneuvered, trying to find a compromise, for which he appreciated. Very similar situation we have now. Many people like to say that the towers of the Kremlin between the conflict, but Putin is holding the balance between liberals and siloviki. What is its indispensability. Only he can find a consensus between these groups. But Gorbachev in predpochtenie months he could not keep his balance, began to lean more towards the security forces. In the end, they decided to do without it. And now the towers trying to destroy the balance and terms of laws that are purely prohibitive, and thrilling criminal cases, which show who is the shop owner. In General, the tactics of the creeping counter-revolution they use. I hope that Putin will not repeat the mistakes of Mikhail Gorbachev, because otherwise we have to test whether the rating of Vladimir exceeds 86 percent. And would not want this.


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