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Friday, February 16, 2018

Trump framed himself, stating about the responsibility of all parties in Charlottesville

“No one is born hating another person because of his colour, his creed or religion”. These words by the great fighter against apartheid Nelson Mandela published in his microblog on “Twitter” Barack Obama. The entry of the 44th President of the USA was placed after clashes in the city of Charlottesville. In just three days it became the most popular in the history of Twitter, collecting more than 48 thousand comments, 1.2 million shares and 3 million “likes”. But the acting President of the United States Donald trump can’t seem to decide how to respond to the tragedy in Charlottesville. Earlier he called the culprits are right-wing. Now, however, suggests that liability for the collision on both sides.

photo: AP

The clashes on the night of August 12 in Charlottesville (Virginia) was the decision of local authorities about the demolition of the monument to General Robert E. Lee Confederate.

Against these plans made many “Alt-right”, including, in particular, representatives of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). In clashes with left-wing activists who supported the decision to demolish the monument, killing at least three people, more than thirty were injured. Some of them were hospitalized in serious condition.

HELP “MK”:Alternative right” (“Alt-right”) – the symbol for the broad movement in the United States, uniting supporters of far-right views. “Alternative” because, unlike “ordinary” right-wing, they reject and classic American conservatism.

Answering a question from reporters during a speech in new York on 15 August, trump said: “When you talk about “Alt-right”… Well, how about “Alt-left”, who came to attack the “Alt-right”? There was a group of bad people on one side. But from the other side (meaning left-wing activists. – “MK”) was a group of aggressive people. No one wants to talk about it, so I do it.”

Rating trump the role of left-wing activists opposing the neo-Nazis, members of the Ku Klux Klan and other “Alt-right”, has caused in the environment of the last approval. So, the former leader of the ku Klux Klan David Duke welcomed the “courageous” act of the President. However, according to political opponents of the trump endorsement from the former head of a racist organization – a sure sign that the President is on the wrong track.

Responsibility “Alt-left” for the events in Charlottesville came after a day after trump officially condemned http://www.mk.ru/politics/2017/08/15/vytyagivali-kleshhami-tramp-nakonec-zakleymil-nacistov-i-kukluksklanovcev-sharlottsvillya.html “the KKK, neo-Nazis and other supporters of the theory of the superiority of the white race”.

Now the President obviously decided to restore the confidence of the “Alt-right”, who make up a significant share of its electorate.

But the question of how he did it remains open. The first statement is a condemnation of neo-Nazis – far-right Trump unlikely to forget. A word about the responsibility of the left for the tragedy, of course, will lead to a further decline in the authority of the President in the political circles of the USA, which he is not the best relationship.

The situation is aggravated and the fact that trump has pulled even with the first statement after the tragedy. According to him, he wanted to gather more objective information, rather than provide a “fake”, as he calls them, media. In American society, this motivation has caused discontent. Many Internet users noted that instead of performing direct presidential duties (including rapid response to events such as Charlottesville), trump prefers to continue his war with the media. Not in favor of the White house says the popularity of the tweet of Barack Obama. It is quite obvious that people do not have enough of the President, is able to find the right words in tragic circumstances, not someone who is trying to sit on several chairs and solve our own problems.


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