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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Putin called for a new residence, and was troubled, yet another betrayal Batko Lukashenko

Vladimir Putin on Wednesday for the first time he visited his Western residence “amber”, located in Kaliningrad region on Baltic coast. Although the four-story mansion, equipped with everything necessary for work and leisure of the President, built in 2011, with its first person not indulge, preferring warmer seas. Immediately after opening here are a few met with Dmitry Medvedev. And in 2013-m to year took place the Council of the Baltic sea States at the level of foreign Ministers. It was then that the first and last time opened the hall of meetings of the Security Council, but many other objects (e.g., a boathouse for the presidential yacht) have been empty for many years.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
Photo: Bars 23.

During construction it was assumed that “amber” will be used for meetings between Vladimir Putin and European leaders. This has including the historical context: before the residence was the summer residence of Chancellor Bismarck, known for his calls for Europe never “Wake the Russian bear” and generally “don’t touch Russians”. However, the diplomatic isolation of Russia, which occurred after the annexation of Crimea put an end to these plans.

However, non-residence of Kaliningrad, Putin clearly doesn’t. “We always have everything ready for the arrival of the chief!” – say terse employees. And secretly add that even the water temperature in the pool is maintained year-round comfortable for GDP level: +26.5 degrees.

However, this time swim to Vladimir Putin are unlikely to succeed. In the Kaliningrad airport Board N1 landed at half past three in the morning and at 9.30 a.m. the President began the meeting on prospects of development of transport infrastructure of the North-West of Russia. Although according to official data, all the previous week, the head of state held in Novo-Ogaryovo, it was hard not to notice that he was well tanned. (However, the weather in the suburbs was really warm and Sunny). Vladimir Putin began by saying that the condition of transport infrastructure is a key factor for economic development throughout the country. But for the North-West is especially important, as here is located the key points of major transport corridors “Europe – China” and “North – South”. “The region contains 40% of port capacities of Russia, which provide handling almost 400 million tonnes of cargo per year”, – said the President.

Now the main task – to increase the statistics, and refusing service to competitors. The decision of the authorities by 2020, all domestic cargo must be transferred from the Baltic ports to the Russian. In the West believe that the Kremlin hopes to punish Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia for the clearly Russophobic policy. However, Vladimir Putin at the meeting said that there is no politics here – pure Economics. “We have to load its own capacity and develop their tax base,” he said. According to the representative of the Russian Railways, a monopoly since the spring started to reject the requests of operators for carriage of goods in the first place provides a good profit petroleum, in the direction of the Latvian ports, offering as an alternative Ust-Luga and St. Petersburg. With Russian companies of problems in this regard arose. But the Belarusians balked. Referring to long-term contracts, they continue to carry petroleum products in the Baltic republics have complained to the President of the railroad.

Another treachery Farther angered Vladimir Putin.

– This is our oil is processed at Belarusian refineries. The other is not there and unlikely to appear! – passionately exclaimed GDP. According to him, in such a situation, Russian suppliers are expected to take countermeasures. “We need to link our oil (Belarusians) with the use of our transport infrastructure,” – said the President.

Naturally, not remain without attention and highly relevant to the field of development of air transport. “Kaliningrad is the only enclave region of Russia, there is a certain difficulty of communication”, – Putin said, adding that the plane gives the opportunity for local residents to reach other Russian cities without a passport. He agreed with the head of the FAS Igor Artemyev, on suspicion of an international airline reservation system Amadeus pricing. “You know, I mean these systems, which are themselves set prices. The nonsense of it all. Need to deal with it,” he said and offered his version of the cheaper flights on the routes from Kaliningrad to Russia – the removal of VAT. “It’s just minus 10%”, – he explained. According to the head of Ministry of transport Maxim Sokolov, if the proposal of the head of state will be executed (but before the next presidential election is hard to even imagine) the price of a ticket from Moscow to Kaliningrad and back will be less than 9 thousand rubles.

Kaliningrad oblast.


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