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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Provocation of $2 million: Ulyukayev called a bribe “setup”

Criminal prosecution eks-the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev nothing like a planned provocation, which was organized by the CEO of “Rosneft” together with the FSB. Such a loud statement on Wednesday, 16 August, the Zamoskvoretsky district court during the first session on the merits was made by the defendant in the case about a bribe in two million dollars.

photo: Daria Fedotova

The first criminal case in Russia today with the participation of an official of such a high level began as expected with a crush. Journalists, both domestic and foreign publications in the end barely fit in the small space. The “culprit” of the celebration, Alexei Ulyukayev, who is under house arrest, came to court to “Lada Grant” almost the first. As this involves a measure of the former Minister everywhere was accompanied by employees FSIN.

Much thinner, which replaced the business suit t-shirt Polo official house arrest, it seems, only played into the hand — Ulyukayev he looked fit and much younger than before. Confident going into the courtroom, he took his seat at the cage and pulled out a thick book, hardcover and e-book. Journalists could not help but ask what reading ex-Minister:

– Chekhov read and advise you.

– Why Chekhov? – do not let reporters.

– Chekhov — the great Russian writer, and I’m, unfortunately, a little reading lately – talking speaker.

His democratic demeanor of a former senior official, it seems, endeared himself to the media and they continued to shower him with questions. However the answer to some he was gone. For example, interested in why he was in such a delicate situation, the official snapped:

It’s a long story.

Demonstrated Ulyukayev and his sarcastic sense of humor. When journalists asked the court staff to bring in extra chairs hall, the defendant in the criminal case said:

– Want, I’ll give up my seat? No, you don’t want? Strange how…

After the announcement of the trial open, the judge gave the floor to the prosecution. On the reading of the indictment prosecutors took no more than ten minutes. The Prosecutor explained that the speaker was the Minister of economic development sent at the end of January 2016 to the government a proposal to sell more than 58% of shares of “Bashneft”. Seven months later the Ministry received instructions to prepare proposals on privatization of “Bashneft”. Ulyukayev, in turn, sent the report with the approval of the transaction on purchase of shares of “Bashneft”, “Rosneft”.

The same criminal history, according to the materials of the criminal case, began in October 2016:

– On a business trip at the summit of the BRICS heads of state, the speaker Sechin demanded a bribe in the amount of two million dollars as a thank you for giving a positive opinion on the implementation of the acquisition of shares of “Bashneft”. Threatening in case of refusal, to hinder lawful activity of “Rosneft”, by giving negative opinions… – read indictment by the Prosecutor.

According to the materials of the criminal case, Sechin, “actually perceiving the threat of speaker”, after returning from a business trip was forced to go to the FSB. Those, in turn, drew him to participate in the operational event. Executive Director of “Rosneft” Ulyukayev called and offered to drive to his office. The special operation was held in the evening. When the speaker left the office and got into his official car, he was approached by the FSB. In the bag which put the speaker in the trunk, was discovered $ 2 million.

When the Prosecutor finished, the speaker told his version.

– For me the FSB was a provocation with participation of the head of Rosneft Sechin and the head of the security service of “Rosneft” Feoktistov, said the former Minister. – Transfer this bag was pre-planned by the FSB officers, who waited weeks of taking a bribe… Sechin called me under the pretext of discussing some Affairs of the Corporation and was persuaded to come to “Rosneft”.

The former official also added that false accusation, “is based solely on the testimony of Sechin”. In this case, according to Ulyukayev, the investigators purposely ignored evidence that confirmed that the charges are nothing like a lie.

In turn, the lawyers of the former official in the prosecuting attorney’s speech saw significant differences with the case materials, which they received earlier.

– The indictment is significantly different from the previously presented that gives us the opportunity to properly pursue a line of defense, – said the lawyer Timofei Gridnev, who, incidentally, had once represented a notorious official of the Ministry of defense Evgenia Vasilyeva.

Despite the requirements of the protection of the speaker to return the case to the Prosecutor, the judge came to the conclusion that no such grounds and rejected the protection petition. The next meeting now to be held in Zamoskvoretsky court on 1 September.

Ulyukayev deduced from the court reinforced the convoy. Such precautions were taken due to a frantic hype from the media. The speaker eventually with difficulty, but squeezed in the car of the Federal penitentiary service, who drove to the entrance of the court. From there, he waved to reporters hand, then clenched it into a fist. “But pasaran!”, probably, this could be interpreted that gesture the ex-Minister.


The official representative of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontyev in his interview to “Kommersant FM” said that the words of the speaker only confirm his guilt.

— How would you comment on the statement of Mr. speaker that was a provocation of a bribe on the part of Igor Sechin?

— Court presents comprehensive materials proving the fact of crime. As for the tactics of defense, which was elected speaker, we will not comment on considering its a difficult situation. But pay attention to the facts, which are that the speaker himself — only himself — demanded illegal remuneration for the performance of their direct duties. He came for him and he left with the money. It is a fact. And the position of the speaker is an indirect, if not direct, the recognition of the fact of the crime.

— Perceived such statements as Mr. speaker may be damage to the reputation of the company or personally by Igor Sechin?

Why? On what basis? Say it again — this is a tactic of protection. The defendant seeks to justify the circumstances of the crime, in which he practically admitted it. Once in place the speaker, you will try to portray the situation so that it struck you from the point of view of the lawyers working on the defense, less damage.

Igor Sechin will appear in court as a witness?

— Any summons we have received. The disposition is the same: subpoenas was not, the court decides. We’re not AFK “System” we’re not trying to lead the courts.

The Case Of Alexei Ulyukayev. Chronicle of events

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