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Monday, February 12, 2018

On Mars discovered a new vein of water

Considerable amounts of water ice may be lurking not only in the polar regions of Mars, but near its equator. To such conclusion came the British and American experts, having studied the pictures sent by the probe Mars Odyssey. According to experts, in these areas water could appear when the axis of rotation of the red planet was very different.

photo: pixabay.com

Theoretical calculations had previously shown that three billion years of water on the Martian equator should not be. However, with the help of the MONS instrument on Board the probe Mars Odyssey, which has recently lowered its orbit, experts have seen that ice is still present. Scientists tend to explain this by the fact that in the past Mars rotates “on its side” relative to its present position — the axis of rotation differed by about 45 degrees.

The researchers suggest that the new data allow us not only to better visualize the distribution of water on Mars today, but closer to the answers to many questions concerning the distant history of our neighbor in the Solar system. It was already known that the axis of rotation of Mars in the past could greatly be affected by the SUPERVOLCANO eruption, the largest in the Solar system. Now the volcanoes on Mars are unable to erupt because of the planet not observed tectonic processes.

Experts presented the results of their study in the scientific journal Icarus.

It is believed that in the very long term, any information on the deposits of ice on Mars could be useful during long-term manned expeditions to the Red planet is likely to get water on Mars and use it for drinking will be much easier than to deliver her from the Ground. However, recently specialists are less sure that the first expedition to Mars involving human subjects will take place in the coming decades, as it was assumed until recently.


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