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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Moscow a century older than it is believed, suggested the chief archaeologist of the capital

The first mention of Moscow in the Hypatian Chronicles dates from 4 April 1147, in reality, however, the current capital of Russia could be much older. This was stated by Leonid Kondrashov, Deputy head of the Moscow Department of cultural heritage and chief archaeologist of the city. According to him, some archaeological findings suggest that Moscow was founded about a hundred years before the generally accepted date.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

According to the chief archeologist of the capital, today it is possible to say with confidence that the current Moscow “has arisen” before the date of 1147, but today it is difficult to say whether it’s like a city originally or while representing the network of any settlements. The scientist also noted that not all experts share his point of view — some believe that the date is the current capital of Russia to reconsider should not be. However, the Kondrashev inclined to believe that Moscow was founded in the mid XI century and it was connected with the campaigns of the Izyaslav Yaroslavich the tribe golyad. The researcher reminds that in Moscow there is a river Poledance.

The researcher assumes that in the past Moscow was a kind of reference point, allowing, on the one hand, to collect tribute, and with another — to provide armed protection of the surrounding tribes, for which, according to the archaeologist, the fee could be levied. Starting from the XI century, due to the fact that people wanted to move to a protected area, the population of Moscow began to increase, allow Kondrashov. He noted that to date there’s no scientific information about the constant Prince, who ruled in these places in the historical period, however, suggests that in the future the experts will be able to better learn the history of the city, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.

The first annalistic mention of Moscow is an indication of the Ipatiev chronicle on Friday, April 4, 1147, when the Rostov-Suzdal Prince Yury Dolgoruky took in a town called Moskov his friends and allies headed by Novgorod-Seversky Prince Svyatoslav II of Kiev. Nine years later this territory was built a new wooden fortifications, and the total area increased in the city three or four times.


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