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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Missiles the DPRK has discovered the Ukrainian “accent”

Miracles usually do not happen. Miracles are, most likely, powerfully disguised reality. Take as an example the whole world is scared of North Korean Intercontinental missiles, a range which poses a threat not only GUAM, but also many American cities.

photo: AP

Where did these missiles in Pyongyang? However, look closely at their family tree, and we note that they speak either Russian, or Ukrainian accent. These “multilingual” missiles capable of hitting GUAM, and American cities such as Los Angeles, Detroit and others. This is what the conclusion of American intelligence. These conclusions pick up the key to the secrets of North Korea to why the missiles suddenly — after a number of failures began to show records accuracy and range. Why a two-year period of continuous failures suddenly gave way to amazing success?

Pyongyang, you see, changed the design and suppliers of missiles. Here is what writes about this Michael Ellemann, an expert on missiles at the International Institute for strategic studies.

He begins his story with that detail tells about China’s assistance to Pyongyang in missile. (As they say, China and the DPRK are close to each other, as the teeth and jaw.)

But it is curious that, writes The New York Times, President trump, talking about “teeth and gums” for some reason, never mentions Russia and Ukraine as suppliers of missile, Kim Jong-UN. However, U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson once hinted at Russia as the “parent” missile success Pyongyang. But it happened after North Korea tested its Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) last month.

Analysts closely examining photos of launches of ICBMs and the behavior they present North Korean President Kim Jong-UN, came to the conclusion that these missiles are a development of those engineers, which whirled the most powerful nuclear missile Armada of the Soviet Union.

The engines of these rockets were so powerful that one such missile could “throw” ten hydrogen bombs on different continents.

These engines were produced only in certain places located in different parts of the Soviet Union. Western analysts and investigators focused their attention on the plant “Dnipro” in Ukraine. In the years of the cold war, this plant was producing the deadly missiles of the Soviet missile and nuclear Arsenal, including the Titanic, the SS-18. The plant continued to produce the missiles and then, when Ukraine formally became independent.

However, after President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in 2014, the plant for the production of missiles, named the “Yuzhmash” was in a very difficult position. Russia ceased to produce it improved types of nuclear missiles. The company is not in full force. The moral of its employees varies with their salary. According to The New York Times, according to Western experts, the engines, which in the past were installed on two ICBMs North Korea can reach the continental United States. These engines turned out to be done in Ukraine. “It is likely that these engines arrived in North Korea to the Ukraine,” said Ellemann in interview to the newspaper “new York times”. The big question is how many such missiles is now North Korea and helps her in the Ukraine? “That’s what really bothers me,” says Ellemann.

Backing their findings Ellemann adds that support them and the results of the UN investigations. They say that six years ago, Pyongyang was trying to steal missile secrets with Ukrainian complex. However, two mishandled North Korean spy was caught.

Investigators now believe that North Korea took advantage of the unrest that prevailed in Ukraine, and once again attempted to steal nuclear secrets.

Detailed studies of this possibility are in the works of Alleman. They are also a public confirmation of the fact that many Western intelligence agencies claimed, however, in private — a new North Korean missile based on the technology, without which it would be impossible for Pyongyang to “change so fast failures to clear successes.” Western intelligence agencies assume that North Korea launched the new engines in September 2016. Thus, it took her ten months to “move” with the elementary missiles to ICBMs. This became possible only because Pyongyang was able to purchase new engines and systems they run on “rocket market”.

The white house did not respond to any comments when he was asked about these practices of Western intelligence services.

In the past month, “Yuzhmash” is also denied reports that it generates various technological operating time in the West, in order to save their workers from starving. American investigators do not believe that there is no link between Ukraine and North Korea. They believe that President Petro Poroshenko, who recently visited the White house, has no control over what happens inside the “Yuzhmash.”

Since then, President Barack Obama gave the order to strengthen attempts to prevent North Korean missiles in 2014, American official circles began to very closely monitor the success of North Korea. In this stadium, North Korea has had some success. First of all, it is necessary to note an important victory, which won Pyongyang last fall, after the test missiles “Musudan”, which essentially are ballistic. But just after a while after Kim ordered to stop testing “Musudan” North Korea began the trial of the engines of a completely different design. And these tests have proved successful.

The American official circles not talking about when they are caught North Korea in this shift through its missiles. But as the facts show, Western intelligence agencies drew attention to it rather late. Leon Panetta, former CIA Director and US defence Secretary, said the TV channel CBC last Sunday that the North Korean missiles change was too fast for Western intelligence. “Quick change and how it happened is something — said Panetta. — Frankly speaking, this change caused surprise not only in the United States, but worldwide.”

Read the story: U.S. Intelligence refused to believe Ukrainian origin rocket triumph DPRK

It is not clear who is responsible for the sale of the missiles, their engines and methods of control North Korea. In the Western intelligence community exist for this reason some theories. But they concern only details. Says Ellemann, role in North Korean nuclear and missile success is coming as a dilapidated, post-Soviet factory complexes, and engineers that are currently not loaded. “I frankly feel sorry for these guys,” says Ellemann, who visited ten years ago, one of these enterprises. At that time he worked on a Federal project to reduce the threat of nuclear missiles.

The American intelligence community stresses that North Korea used the “black market” to obtain missiles and missile technologies. “Black market” allowed Pyongyang to create the whole infrastructure of universities, design centres and factories, which already differ independence from their Russian and Ukrainian “progenitors”.

Interestingly, in 1992, the authorities in Moscow was detained at the airport by a team of Russian missile experts, which was going to fly to Pyongyang. However, the house arrest of Russian specialists was only a temporary embarrassment for North Korea. She got design for compact missiles R-27, which was to serve Soviet submarines.

In the end, North Korea turned to alternative provision — to the secret practices of “Yuzhmash” in Ukraine and its Bureau “southern”. Engines these companies easily fed up, and they can be installed not only on the restricted place submarines but the missiles land use.

Economically the plant and its design Bureau was faced with a new challenge when in 2014 Russia annexed the Crimea. Relations between the two countries — Russia and Ukraine — have been at freezing point, so Moscow has ceased to produce “Pivdenmash” new, more modern version of the missile SS-18.

In July 2014, a report was published of the Carnegie endowment for international peace. By the way, for a while I was the principal officer of the Fund, of course, not in the field of rocketry. The report of the Carnegie Foundation confirmed that the missile and nuclear experts is able to teach how regimes like Pyongyang, the proliferation of nuclear-missile weapons. The first signs that the Ukrainian engines in the hands of the North Koreans were made public in September last year, when Kim Jong-UN has conducted ground tests of a new missile engine. This engine was described by analysts as the largest and most powerful at this time.

German analyst Norbert Brugge reported that the photos of these engines, which are very similar to the RD-250, and resemble the model of “Yuzhmash.”

Fears caused the second test of an Intercontinental ballistic missile by North Korea in the month of March. Almost simultaneously the test of the missile was medium-range, so-called “Hoison-12”. The rocket flew a space that, if necessary, to cover 2800 miles and it will be deep enough into the heart of America, and will affect not only US military base in GUAM.

1 Jun Ellemann with sufficient share of confidence it is said that the engine which experienced North Korea, clearly a different production than all those that have experienced him. According to Elleman, this diversification North Korea of its nuclear weapons is very important factor. Because it undermines the West’s opinion of how actually strong the nuclear-missile power of North Korea. “There are many new surprises,” — predicts Ellemann.

In fact, it has already happened – I mean two tests carried out by Pyongyang last July (missile test “Hoison-14”). This missile can reach Alaska. The second test of the rocket was even more striking. It turns out that it can reach the West coast of the United States and such cities as Denver and Chicago.

Last week the Bulletin of atomic scientists, which contains a detailed analysis of a new North Korean engine also came to the conclusion that at the heart of this lies the engines RD-250. It is said to Western analysts, is a new and potentially ominous question — what’s next?

What’s next? Apparently, so says the Western intelligence community, North Korea can shake the world with new threats that will undermine attempts to halt the deployment of a global missile weapons. The fact that it plays the role of search Ukrainian factories of new customers. Now this complex is financially in a bind. It produces trolleybuses and tractors, however, are still looking for customers of missiles. Here it enters the arena of North Korea.



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