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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Media: scientists have figured out how to communicate with the aliens

Humanity has never found living organisms of extraterrestrial origin and can’t even objectively evaluate the probability of the existence of such. However, if in outer space there is an alien civilization, there are several potentially effective ways sooner or later to learn about them, believe some scientists. It is reported by some mass media with reference to English-language portal New Atlas.

photo: pixabay.com

There are several offered in different periods “formula” that allows to assume, what is the chance of life on other planets. However, since many variables in these equations it is impossible to know due to lack of information, in practice their use is quite difficult. In this regard, a potentially habitable today is considered to be a planet like the only one inhabited guaranteed — Land. We are talking about not too big rocky planets located at such a distance from the star where water can remain in liquid form, not freezing and not evaporating.

However, often experts believe that it is easier not to look representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, and to help them to find Land and then wait for a response signal. Such a strategy is offered, at least since the nineteenth century. For example, in 1820 a scientist of the Observatory of Vienna Joseph von Littrow proposed with the goal to create designs on the surface of the Sahara desert and then fill them with water and kerosene, and even half a century later, the French inventor Charles CROs presented a proposal to create a giant parabolic mirrors that concentrate a large amount of light and also to build a huge chess Board with shiny surfaces, which could be used as a “screen”. Much later, a team of researchers, part of an organization called SETI sent into space radio signals in which a hypothetical alien residents could make conclusions about the presence of intelligent beings on Earth.

It should be noted that some scholars, admitting the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations do not think it’s a good idea to give them your location, because mankind cannot predict the effects of alien “visit” if one day it happens.

The message is timed to the upcoming twentieth anniversary since the launch of the spacecraft “Voyager-2” — it took place 20 Aug 1977, and in August 2007 a research station crossed the border of the heliosphere — the region of space near the sun where the solar wind plasma is moving relative to the Sun at supersonic speed. Some believe that it is the boundary of the heliosphere can be considered a boundary of the Solar system as a whole.


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