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Friday, February 16, 2018

Expert: collective schizophrenia has brought Ukraine to the nuclear weapons of the DPRK

The acting Chairman of the national space Agency of Ukraine Yuriy Radchenko said that the engines for Intercontinental nuclear missiles in North Korea could deliver Russia. To do this, Russian experts could make out a Ukrainian rocket “Cyclone-2 and Cyclone-3” at the disposal of Moscow, and pass the necessary details to Pyongyang. Accusing Kyiv of “MK” said Igor KOROTCHENKO, chief editor of the magazine “national defense:

photo: youtube.com

– The Ukrainian authorities for all their problems and sins, be they real or fictional, is accused, which is proof of the degradation of their state. The actual point of view, Ukraine has repeatedly caught in illegal operations on the weapons black market.

First, it is a scandal with delivery of the strategic aviation cruise missile X-55 to Iran and China. Then a full investigation is not released, because the General Director of “UkrSpetsExport”, “happy” coincidence, died in a car accident. Threads which probably led to the then Ukrainian leadership, was chopped off.

The second scandal was due to the supply of radio-electronic intelligence to Saddam Hussein in Iraq. A full investigation was not there.

Well, the third case — the supply of engines in the DPRK. Is it possible? Possible. In 2014, Ukraine is a thoroughfare. Mass corruption on all levels of government that elementary could obtain from North Korea tens of millions of dollars. Of course, these official representatives of Ukraine, as President Petro Poroshenko or the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov, has not authorized such contracts. But on the level of transactions in black market under the guise of agricultural equipment or humanitarian aid in third countries, it was quite possible to implement.

Without exception, the experts note that over the last 2-3 years in North Korea, there has been tremendous progress in the field of ballistic missiles. Why is this all blew up, and now flying further and further? Assistance was provided from outside, and Ukrainian channel more than likely. By the way, before the CIA claimed that around “Yuzhmash” there is a dangerous situation. Three Asian countries, including Korea, were accused that they were negotiating with this company. Two negotiators from Pyongyang eventually planted, but others could work as it should.

So today we need to start an international investigation. Enter “Pivdenmash” external control, to seal it from all sides, since it anyway is in the verge of bankruptcy, and to take control of the footage. The DPRK could not leak the engines, and the documentation on them and the experts who collected them. Perhaps now Ukrainian rocket men work in Pyongyang and in private ceremony has already been given to Kim Jong-UN, the highest state award for development is rocket-the nuclear program of the DPRK.


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