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Monday, February 19, 2018

Trump is fueling the war: Iran, North Korea and Venezuela are preparing a response Yankees

The US President Donald trump, it seems, is not afraid of war on several fronts. During his vacation at the Golf club, the head of state managed to hint at a military solution to the conflict with Venezuela, Iran and North Korea. And this despite the fact that the power he came under the slogan “America first” and promised to abandon the export of democracy around the world. In response to the aggressive rhetoric trump the above countries began to arm themselves and conduct military exercises. So the White house is walking on thin ice: trying to intimidate unwanted modes of American brute force, he could trigger an escalation of tensions in several regions of the world.

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Of course, trump could not leave unanswered significant progress in North Korean nuclear and missile programs. Almost every day the President says that he does not rule out a military solution to this problem. Sound to the DPRK leader and hints that the military option can be avoided if to meet the United States and to refrain from provocations. “The U.S. is ready to act as a protector and to respond to any threat or actions of the DPRK towards the US or its allies, South Korea and Japan,” says the latter, but not the rigid application of the trump.

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North Korea has in response threatened to bomb American bases on the Pacific island of GUAM. Although Kim Jong-UN is not in a hurry to pass to active actions. During a recent meeting with the leadership of missile troops, North Korean leader stressed that he is ready to give America time to settle down and to abandon military action. However, like trump, he forgot to mention that the missile is ready to “cut off the breath of the Yankees”.

The unstable situation in Venezuela. After the legislative power in the country came under the control loyal to the President of the Constitutional Assembly, the United States imposed new sanctions against it and called for an end to human rights violations. Street protests against President Nicolas Maduro, do not cease from April and has already claimed the lives of more than a hundred people. According to trump, this situation cannot continue. “We have a lot of options in relation to Venezuela, including the military decision, if need be, threatened trump. — The people there suffer and die.”

Nicolás Maduro seems to be only waiting for such words from deionized in his homeland of America. “The land of Venezuela is sacred, and it never touches leg the Yankees, he said in a fiery speech. — We must prepare to defend the world with tanks, planes and guns!” He also gave the order to begin large-scale military exercises. On the streets of Caracas, meanwhile, are antithrombosis demonstrations, although until recently, the people’s protest was directed solely against Maduro. There is no doubt that Venezuelan authorities use the words of the American President in their view: the threat from the old enemy will once again unite the population around the figure of the President, and the dire situation in the economies of Latin American countries can easily be blamed on the machinations of the United States.

The Iranian “nuclear deal” has also been jeopardized because of trump. The other day he accused Tehran that they do not comply with the terms of this agreement, although it is, in his opinion, it was initially “terrible”. “I think you will see what will happen, something serious, if they do not return to compliance with the agreement,” hinted the President. Meanwhile, Iran’s annoyed not only by the statements of the White house, but the recent sanctions against him imposed by the us Congress.

Return of Tehran became law, which provided for the expansion of overseas operations of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps and programs ballistic missile. In the Iranian Parliament said that this is only the first step in response to American aggression. And the President of Islamic Republic Hassan Rouhani said that Iran “within hours or days can return to more advanced levels of nuclear technology, before the agreement,” if the United States will continue its policy of “sanctions and threats”. This may mean a complete rupture of the “nuclear bargain” in July 2015 between Iran and six international mediators. Under the agreement, Iran refused uranium enrichment program in exchange for lifting of international sanctions.

What are seeking trump? As previously expressed by the experts, ex-businessman, apparently, kept his old habits and tries to conduct foreign policy according to the laws of business, who is no stranger to blackmail and inflated rates. But if uncooperative client in the business just to turn around and go in another, with the DPRK, Iran and Venezuela to do so will not work. In addition, the regimes in these countries have always used the threat of the USA (imaginary or real) as a means of rallying around the figure of the leader and justify their authoritarian actions. It turns out that trump has, perhaps, without realizing it, contributes to the strengthening of the power hostile to the US rulers.

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