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Saturday, February 17, 2018

“Terminator” runs in Syria: judgment day

Battle machine tank support (BMPT) “Terminator” is a completely new type of military equipment: the machine is neither a tank nor an armored personnel carrier. This technique is primarily intended to cover tanks in urban combat, its mission is to detect and destroy the grenade calculation, dot, enemy armored vehicles and low-flying targets. Despite positive reviews of “the terminator”, this car has not yet entered service with the Russian army. Now she showed up in Syria, where, apparently, passes military testing.

Photo: uvz.ru

The Internet got pictures of the BMPT in Syria in a so called desert camo. First “Terminator” demonstrated the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who arrived in the Russian base Hamim for a meeting with the chief of the General staff of the armed forces Valery Gerasimov.

Is the object 199 BMPT “Frame”, — says military expert Viktor murakhovski, there slightly altered the module itself arms, put a protection from ATGM and fire control system remained the same. This car is also called “Terminator-1”, where the crew is five people.

According to some, a few “Terminator” was transferred to the Russian side of the elite Syrian unit “desert Falcons”. In July they launched their offensive on located in the province of Hama enclave of the insurgents. This is a very convenient case to test the concept of combat use of the machine.

The main task of BMPT is to identify and engage targets that pose a threat to tanks. It estimates armed with antitank complexes, bombers, strengthened the position of pillboxes and bunkers. Also the machine has the ability to hit on the move and place tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, helicopters and low-flying low-speed aircraft.

The idea of creating such machines was in the air even during the Afghan war. Then it became clear that the most dangerous enemies for tanks are not opposing them tanks and bombers, shooting from cover, and calculations of ATGM. The reason is that crews do not have time to react to suddenly appearing in front of them ATGM or RPG, and could not prevent this threat, not having rapid-fire weapons, able to quickly shift from one object to another. Infantry fighting vehicles or armored personnel carriers, although they have similar weapons, are not able to act near the tanks, as their reservation is not enough. So the military demanded from the developers to create an armored vehicle capable of supporting battle tanks, providing their cover, destroy tank hazardous manpower of the enemy, taking on thus even some of the functions of the infantry. It should be equipped with rapid-fire weapons with the ability to quickly shift from one target to another. But it is to accompany tanks into a single formation with them and have a reservation corresponding to their level.

In the late 80-ies of the Bureau of the Chelyabinsk tractor plant was appointed as the head executor of works on the theme of the BMPT. The main requirement for the car has become powerful weapons with a high angle of elevation, as well as a good level of protection corps, which would match the tank. We fabricated several options of machines on a modified chassis of the T-72A. In the first embodiment, the sides of the turrets were mounted two 30-mm gun 2A72 and paired them with a 7.62 mm machine gun on each side placed six unguided anti-tank missiles. Behind the tower put two 12.7-mm machine gun NSVT. The machine is supplied mounted complex dynamic protection “Kontakt-1” and side screens. Because of the powerful weapons the crew were numerous — up to seven people. The second option — with a double tower included 100-mm gun — launcher (OPU 2A70) with an ammunition load of 50 rounds. In a single unit with the service provider was placed 30-mm gun 2A72 with two carts of ammunition and 40-mm automatic anti-personnel grenade launcher. In addition to the main armament in the turret was installed Autonomous stabilized machine gun machine gun PKT.

Unfortunately, with the onset of 90-x years the project went on the shelf. Again seriously they began to engage after the first Chechen campaign. Then after the analysis of the large losses of tanks during urban fighting, it was decided to resume the development of machines capable of destroying targets that the tank due to the low rate of fire quickly can not hit. Now the project became involved JSC “Scientific and production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” in Nizhny Tagil. Engineers did not use the achievements of their predecessors, and decided to create a new project object 199 “Frame”.

So, what is a “Terminator”? The serial on the chassis of tank T-90 is semi-detached block of two automatic 30-mm cannon 2A42 with ammunition of 850 rounds, 4 launchers of guided anti-tank missiles, “Sturm-C” with cumulative or thermobaric warheads, the KORD machine gun and 2 automatic 30-mm grenade launcher AG-17D. The machine is able to overcome ditches up to 3 meters and the wall is 1.5 meters. It can be equally easy to “get” at a distance of 5 thousand meters of a tank or a long-term weapon emplacement of the opponent. “Terminator” is equipped with modern automated fire control system (FCS) Frame, has great potential for detection of targets at night and in bad weather at ranges up to several kilometers. It consists of a digital ballistic computer, a set of automatic sensors that constantly monitor the conditions of firing, the automatic tracking of the target. FCS enables the commander to share intelligence with the crew, as well as with other machines of the unit.

“The terminator” showed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Photo: uvz.ru

The commander has a panoramic surveillance device with variable scaling, which involves optical and thermal channels, a laser rangefinder; if necessary, you can connect the TV images from the gunner’s sight on his own display. On the perimeter of the commander’s hatch located five periscope observation devices, TNPO-260 that allows the commander to have a sector of 360°.

Gunner has a sighting system is stabilized in two planes, with 4 – and 12-fold magnification, a laser rangefinder, a channel missile guidance. Thanks to the built-in hardware tracking on the basis of sight “Sosna-U” the gunner enough to find a target, and then the MSA operates according to the known principle of “fire and forget”, meaning that he can immediately shift its attention to other targets. Side arrow launchers are stabilized in the vertical plane day/night sights, electro-optical transducer having a 7.5-fold increase.

In 2006, the BMPT has completed state tests and was recommended for serial production, which was scheduled to begin in 2010. For testing was built two copies of the BMPT, one of which was tested in a real fire, landmine and roadside bombs, proving the high survivability. In anticipation of the state order on the “Uralvagonzavod” was laid the first three of the serial case, however, then-defense Minister Serdyukov the program was closed. Several cars were delivered to Kazakhstan where they are now successfully in operation.

With the arrival of Sergei Shoigu, the newly revived project, but demanded modifications of the machine. In the first place the manufacturer in a new project, called the BMPT-72 or “Terminator 2”, took into account the experience gained during the tests of the previous car. This allowed us to update the design, armament and equipment. The main difference of the machine from its predecessor is the base of the chassis.

“Terminator 2” is based on the body and chassis of tank T-72. The crew reduced to three people: his composition was only a driver, commander and gunner weapons. The grenade launchers were removed from the weapon system, which allowed to simplify conversion ready tank chassis. In addition, the output from the crew of the grenade has reduced the number of people in the car to the “tank” level. All the armament of the BMPT-72 is installed on the tower.

Now the representatives of “Uralvagonzavod” suggests that work is underway on the creation of “Terminator 3” on the platform “Armata”. It is planned to supply the naval gun caliber 57 mm with a range of 16 km. “Against such a machine, the militants have nothing to do. Yes, they are expensive, but how effective they are! Therefore, we believe that there are prospects”, — said General Director of Corporation Alexander Potapov.

Military expert Anton Lavrov believes that the concept of the BMPT “Terminator 3” with powerful weapons has good prospects.

— Now the nature of the fighting changed, in the same Syria we see that the main threat for the tanks are guided missiles. The BMPT was originally developed for conditions when the enemy is armed with a light anti-tank weapons — rocket-propelled grenades. And at large distances, which used anti-tank missiles, the old “Terminator” is not as effective as when you fight at short and medium ranges. Development on the basis of “Armata” is a much more efficient option, as powerful weapons allows you to shoot long-range. This BMPT will be very popular.


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