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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Russia has developed a light bulb that helps to get out of depression

A group of researchers from Tomsk University of control systems and Radioelectronics have created a lamp, the light from which gives strength, improves performance and helps to effectively fight depression. It is reported that the light from this lamp has a specific effect on the human brain.

photo: pixabay.com

The flickering light from the device falls on the retina and stimulates the rhythms of the brain, primarily alpha-rhythm, which in humans is associated with a relaxed state, and beta rhythm is associated with higher cognitive processes and a focus. Beta rhythm in the first place is fixed when a person is watching with eyes open or focused on solving any current problems. The lamp can also work in “normal” mode.

According to the developers, if the person is under the influence of “stimulating” the radiation for ten minutes, his efficiency increases. It is also assumed that the flickering light will pozvolaet more effective to get out of depression, reports flashsiberia.com.

The lamp has passed the first test, the scientists asked volunteers to perform a number of tasks as in “stimulating” and under regular light. Comparing the number of errors in both cases and analyzing the electroencephalogram taken of the participants during the experiments, the developers are reported to have been satisfied with the results.

In the future, experts plan to check reduces the effectiveness of the fluorescent radiation.

Earlier, a group of scientists from Harvard and the universities of Vermont, found that photos posted by anyone on the Internet, and especially the filters help with a fairly high degree of probability to determine if he is suffering from depression at an early stage.


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