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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Pulled ticks: trump finally denounced to the Nazis and the ku Klux Klan of Charlottesville

Bloody confrontation in Charlottesville, Virginia, for two days closed the mouth of the President of Donald trump. He had a choice: or to stigmatize those who committed the massacre in Charlottesville, or to remain silent. In the two days surrounding the mites were trying to wrest from the President acknowledgement of what really happened in Charlottesville. Trump was hard to pronounce what was required of him in public opinion. The fact that he would have to denounce those who supported his presidential campaign, who now is on the side of the President.

photo: youtube.com

Only two days later, trump finally delivered a statement, demanded by the public. He “personally” denounced white supremacists who started the bloody game in Charlottesville. “Racism is evil,’ said trump. And those who are causing the violence are the criminals and crooks, including the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and all those groups causing hate, who hated everything we think is so dear to the heart of Americans.”

But before and after his “apologetic Declaration”, which called for “love”, “joy” and “justice” President trump broke out his usual Twitter. He attacked Kenneth Frazier, the head of the pharmaceutical company Merck. Last Sunday Frasier announced that he resigns and leaves the Board of American manufacturers. Thus, Frasier became one of the three heads of firms who left the Council in protest against the initial statements of the President of trump about events in Charlottesville.

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“Now, when Kenneth Frasier, “Merck Farma” has resigned and left the Board manufacturers, it will have more time to think about how to lower drug prices!” that was the meaning of the presidential tweet, which was released at about 9 a.m., when President trump left the area to play Golf in Bedminster, new Jersey, where he spent his vacation.

Before leaving Washington, trump attacked the news media, which, in his opinion, unreasonably inflated the episode. Trump tweeted: “Made further observations about Charlottesville and all the same news media that are fake, unhappy, always unhappy… they are Truly bad men!”

The Congressman-Democrat from the state of California and the democratic leader in the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi in his microblog wrote: “While on the road, trump caught the fork and deprived to do what he did. He proved his cowardice, refusing to call racists racists and neo-Nazis neo-Nazis. But on Monday, he was in a very uncomfortable situation and was forced to voice a very different message.”

Even the supporters and allies of the President, trump was concerned that his fairly mild remarks, which he announced two days after he was pinned to the wall by the statements of a number of major political figures, he decided to open his mouth too late and thus once again caused moral damage to his position of President.

Let me remind you that last Saturday the President, trump said riot raised in Charlottesville was the result of “different sides”. His comments provoked almost universal criticism and forced several of his chief advisers, including the new White house chief of staff John Kelly, to put pressure on the President, demanding a more emphatic statement.

The wave of discontent has swept the majority of Republican senators. Dissatisfaction showed in their speeches and Vice-President Mike Pence. Finally, the President’s daughter Ivanka trump also joined the critics. This was the situation when on Monday, trump spoke in front of TV cameras and microphones.

At first, trump has suffered nonsense. He began to speak of his achievements in the field of economy, trade and job creation. When the last trump has moved on to events in Charlottesville, he’s very strong language declared that the Ministry of justice and its Department of civil rights took up the case of a woman killed under the wheels of the car. The car taxied to a neo-Nazi from Ohio. “Anyone who acted criminally in this weekend of racial unrest, will have to answer to justice,” said trump, who had just finished talks with the Minister of justice Sasanam and FBI Director Christopher ray.

In fact, President Trump has always been characterized by a protracted pause when it came to criticism of white nationalists. For example, during the presidential campaign of 2016, he refused to immediately denounce David Duke, the former head of the Ku Klux Klan and a supporter of his candidacy.

Some activists of the civil rights movement were skeptical of recent statements by the President of the trump. They do not believe that he changed his mind. They still see him as a stubborn nationalist and populist, which leads to the rope as an elephant its strategic assistant Stephen Bannon, who served as chief strategist of the White house and working in the West wing close to the Oval office of the President.

“The President should make clear that none of his staff have no contact with white racists, — said the head of the anti-defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt. – Such people should not be on the content of the American people.” He also stated that the Ministry of justice and the office of government ethics must “investigate and establish whether anyone in the White house liaison with the groups that raised the excitement in Charlottesville”.

President trump and his staff several times deny the existence of their ties with organizations like neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan.

“As I stated in the past multiple times, no matter what color people are, we all are subject to the same laws, — said trump. We all salute the great flag, and we are all created by the same Almighty God. We must love each other, show each other the feeling of sympathy and unite against hate and bigotry”. Neo-Nazi leaders, including Spencer, who participated in Charlottsville massacre, stated that they do not take seriously the new trump statements. “The President sounded like a Sunday school teacher…,” said Spencer reporters. He added: “I don’t think trump is so stupid that perceives spoken by him seriously”.

At that time, as President, trump said his “strong statement”, his critics demanded that he pardoned Joey Arpayo, the former Sheriff of one of the districts of Arizona, its political ally who was charged with violating Federal civil rights and abuse with many blacks and people of Spanish origin.

In fact, to attack the opponents via Twitter is the habit of the tramp. But his decision to take up Frazier, multimillionaire and selfmademan, who graduated from the law Department of Harvard University and, using his extraordinary abilities, as they say, out of people. It Frazier criticized President trump for what he is not strongly branded neo-Nazis and the ku Klux Klan, which staged a massacre in Charlottesville.

Frazier — the second African-American who heads one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies of the country. Criticism Freziera trump has dedicated 54 minutes of their performances, but still did not give a real spanking white racists. This is the opinion of Keith Boykin, a former aide to President Clinton, who made the comments on CNN.

So, the struggle that President trump truly “opened mouth” and criticized the Nazis, the ku Klux Klan and other reactionary company, continues.



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