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Sunday, February 18, 2018

“We are on the brink of nuclear war”, US has described the decision of the North Korean problem

While the President of the United States Donald trump is threatening North Korea with war, the state Department, the Pentagon and the CIA are trying to calm some of the international community. Secretary Rex Tillerson and the Minister of defence James Mattis said that the US hopes to resolve the North Korean problem mainly by diplomacy. And CIA chief Michael Pompeo said, that the fear of nuclear war in the near future should not. The DPRK, meanwhile, has recalled several ambassadors for consultations in Pyongyang.

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“I heard talk about the fact that we are on the brink of nuclear war — said Pompeo. — However, I don’t have any intelligence that would indicate that we have reached this situation”.

“Today, nothing is inevitable”, — said the head of the CIA. According to him, North Korean leader Kim Jong — UN is a “rational” person who is able to respond to adverse circumstances. However, Pompeo did not miss the chance to remind about the fact that the patience of the USA is not rubber. “The reaction we get from North Korea is the understanding that strategic patience, which has allowed it to develop its weapons program ended,” — said the head of us intelligence.

It will be recalled that approximately in the same terms voted Vice-President Michael Pence during a visit to a South Korean military base. “The time for strategic patience against North Korea over” — he said then. However, it was in April, and Pyongyang since then, not only did not stop its nuclear missile program, but also made remarkable progress in this is easier.

“While diplomacy remains the preferred tool that can force North Korea to change their behavior, the military measures are supportive”, he said Rex Tillerson, and the head of the Pentagon James Mattis in a joint article. They also said that China is “economically dominant” over the DPRK, therefore, has “an unprecedented opportunity to exert pressure on the regime.” This has repeatedly urged the President trump, however, as usual, more straightforward. “China has done nothing for us in the situation with North Korea, all talk. They could easily solve this problem,” he wrote earlier on his Twitter.

Against North Korea, the President prefers to send a more stringent message: “Military means is fully charged and ready in case North Korea will act rashly. I hope that Kim Jong UN will find another way.”

“These statements by Washington, despite the softness of the language, can be interpreted in a categorical tone, says chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir Vassilyev. — They send a clear signal to China and Russia that if they don’t put pressure on Pyongyang, the United States remains prepared to use military means. However, it is not clear what are the aims of Washington. They want the unilateral collapse of the nuclear missile program of the DPRK without any concessions on their part? Surely in this case will be cancelled only that the sanctions of the UN security Council against North Korea? It turns out that the policy of military pressure remains, but I have no confidence in its effectiveness. In addition, the sanctions of the UN security Council. You must wait until they will start to work. It is not a quick process that can take months. The Americans in this case are impatient: imposed sanctions and expect that they will act immediately”.

Meanwhile, according to South Korean Agency “Yonhap”, the DPRK caused a few of their ambassadors to Pyongyang for consultations. Among them, presumably, are the ambassadors of North Korea to Russia, China and the UN. The Ministry of unification of South Korea said that the rounds of such consultations are held regularly in Pyongyang, so the meeting can be scheduled and associated with the difficult international situation.

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