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Friday, April 20, 2018

Ufologists have noticed the moon floating in the air building aliens

By studying the images of the crater Tycho, obtained by artificial satellite to orbit the moon, ufologists noticed an unusual object of spherical shape, the shadow of which falls on the surface as if he hovers over her. It made hunting for aliens to assume they stumbled upon the flying house aliens.

photo: pixabay.com

The opinions of people who viewed a video of a UFO, divided. Some felt that the moon really discovered flying object, while the other reacted to the news with skepticism, suggesting that in fact the stone on the moon appears to be “floating” because of optical illusions. Some of the commentators came up with an alternative, but less conspiratorial assumption — according to them, the unusual object is a helmet with a completely black head emerge from under the earth creatures. A number of people who watched the video, thought the best reaction to prank in the spirit of “stop spying on my home”.

The self-proclaimed hunters of aliens constantly finding “traces of” aliens on the moon, Mars and other planets and satellites of the Solar system. However, most often it’s pretty obvious that spaceships, aliens and their underground bases, forgotten objects, drawings, and so on in fact represent only the stones of unusual shape or a whimsical play of light and shadow. As a rule, the basis of this “sensationalism” is the phenomenon called pareidolia is a visual illusion that causes a person to subconsciously seek out and “learn” something familiar in a mysterious and, in fact, unfamiliar outlines.

The vast majority of serious experts agree that even if Earth is the only inhabited object in the Universe, it is unlikely the aliens arrive or arrives on our planet with “personal” visit — most likely, to study of our planet or its inhabitants hypothetical extraterrestrial civilization would choose another method.


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