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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Medvedev in Kazakhstan, told about growth of export of machinery and food

International exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana, which during the visit to Kazakhstan was visited by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, is dedicated to “future Energy”. Moreover, under the energy resources of the participating countries, of which more than a hundred, you know a variety, including exotic things. For example, Georgians in its exposition represented one of the main sources of their courage and strength – the local wine and chacha. And taught the visitors some Georgian toast, the duration of which does not allow to sleep. But the Russians boasted a unique nuclear icebreaker fleet and told about the successful development of the Arctic.

photo: government.ru

That in the Kazakh capital EXPO will be held, resembles in Astana almost every lamppost. One of the main streets of the city are exhibited models of men, each one holding a globe marked with the country party. Locals say that on the eve of the exhibition the Russian ball had quickly repainted – on the map of Russia I forgot to show the Crimea.

In the opening ceremony, which took place June 9, was attended by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, and now it visited the Russian Premier exhibition complex was right next to the hotel, which hosted the meeting of the Eurasian intergovernmental Council.

The Russians took one of the biggest (more than thousand square metres) halls. And has dedicated her exhibition not pririsoval on the ball hastily Crimea, and the Arctic. More precisely, its energy potential. In the center of the pavilion was placed a hemisphere with the North pole, around which the Northern Sea route coming and going ships and icebreakers. They pave the way for tankers transporting oil from the Arctic shelf. It also built the layout of a small Arctic town of Pevek, to supply which a couple of years will run the world’s only floating nuclear power plant. Another pride of Russians – the project on creation of Novovoronezh NPP, where 96 percent of the waste after synthesis of uranium will go in recycling. The station will be launched in 2018.

It is assumed that all nuclear power plants in the future will be to work on the same principle. And yet the Russians introduced the ice breaker of the future, which will be launched in 2023. It is the world’s most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker that can break the ice thickness of up to 4.5 meters (so far the limit was limited to 3.5 meters). Another of our project – the world’s first tanker-icebreaker (there are plans to build a 25). In the Russian exposition is even the iceberg – the real, imported from the North pole, weighing in at 5 tons, which does not melt due to the refrigeration unit. The pavilion of Russia and remind that this is the year of the environment – energy the Far East symbolizes the endangered Amur tiger, which in the world there are only 540. Wearing virtual reality glasses, you can pet the tiger and watch a movie about rescued tigress Phillip, which is found in the far East.

Its new technologies, and indeed to all, bragging and other countries. So, the Uzbeks presented the project of the car of the future that consumes hydrogen and exhausts water. Turkmenistan has exhibited his famous carpets and knitwear, Saudi Arabia – delicious food and national costumes, China was invited to watch a film about energy sources of the future, and put the intellectual refrigerator with the ability to control touch, and Serbia reminded the world that Nikola Tesla was born here, and the world’s second largest hydroelectric power appeared in the country.

Dmitry Medvedev visited several pavilions at the EXPO along with Ministers of the EurAsEC countries after a meeting of the Eurasian intergovernmental Council. They talked about the prospects of creating a common energy market, common labour market and the further expansion of trade – both internal and external. In the first three months, the trade turnover of the EurAsEC increased by almost a quarter. “Changes for the better and commodity structure, – said Medvedev.. – Growing exports of machinery, food products, decreases the share of energy products”.

The EurAsEC countries have managed to conclude an agreement on free trade with Vietnam, the approach is similar to the agreements with Iran, India and Singapore. Medvedev stressed the need to create a single digital space of the Union: “In Russia, I approved the program for the development of the digital economy until 2024, is needed throughout the Union. This implies the creation of a unified system of traceability of products – it should be General and should not have closed areas”. Next year Russia will take over the powers of the presidency in the Eurasian Union.


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