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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hams have discovered a mysterious object in the center of the Dyatlov pass

Nizhny Tagil ufologist and Amateur Valentin Degterev reported that near the scene of the death of a group of tourists led by Igor Dyatlov, he managed to notice a strange object. Ufologist suggests that the satellite images they discovered an abandoned military base, which could be associated with this event.

photo: pixabay.com

As noted by a radio Amateur, today there are many in varying degrees of fantastic explanations to what happened at the Dyatlov pass in the night on February 2, 1959. According to one of these versions, a group of tourists hit the area where he passed the secret testing of new weapons. According to degtereva, its recent discovery says it is in favor of this assumption.

A self-proclaimed expert from Nizhny Tagil claims that the satellite images he found to the South from the place of death of the group’s major construction length of 25-30 meters and a width of 10-15 meters. According to ham, a fortified building was made of concrete, and then covered with sheets of iron with the remains of the protective green paint. That the building is abandoned, evidenced by the fact that no paths to it are not, adds Degterev. Ham believes that the detected object may be a defect fotonica.

Paranormal investigator hypothesized that the group came to pass in the day of the test. The tragedy, according to degtereva forced the collapse test database, or canned, or just blown up.

Previously, Valentin Degteryov has repeatedly delivered a message that he was able to detect various kinds of mysterious objects. In particular, only relatively recently this kind of news was at least three in mid-may this year, he “noticed” crashed alien spaceship on one of the satellite images of Antarctica, two weeks later — a whole city of aliens on the moon, and in June the bodies of humanoids on Mars and the wreckage of their spaceship.


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