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Saturday, February 24, 2018

From Russia deported the Ukrainian Maidan protester, who asked for political asylum

The defendant in the case on may 2 in Odessa, a supporter of the “Kulikovo field” Vladislav Ilnitsky Sunday, August 13, was deported from the airport “Domodedovo”, where he had arrived from a third country, hoping to find in Russia a refuge from political persecution at home. Russian border guards, guided only to them known reasons, Ilnitsky in the country were not admitted. He was placed in the detention center of the airport, then sent back from whence he came. Now he faces extradition to Ukraine and imprisonment from 8 to 15 years.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

As reported by MK on Monday, the Director of the Center for Eurasian studies Vladimir Kornilov, the information about the expulsion of an activist of accurate — it comes from the helper who is already in a third country. “I personally spoke with Vlad today. He told me. – said Kornilov. – Yes, yesterday he was expelled from Domodedovo. He was forced to return and now does not know where to go. In Odessa today its been declared wanted.”

– What was it motivated? The border guards explained, why deny him entry?

– No, no one really had nothing to explain. Said that he has no right of entry into Russia and put on the return flight, after previously almost a day in the infirmary of the airport.

An activist of the Kulikovo field Vladislav Ilnitsky was a participant in the events of may 2 in Odessa. He was among the Maidan protesters detained by the special forces that day in the shopping center “Athena”, before the fire in the trade unions Building. More years spent in Odessa prison. He was accused of participation in mass riots in the city centre, which led to loss of life. But as you know, most of it dead — antimaydanovtsy. As told “MK” journalist Artyom Buzila, who also sat in the Odessa jail for about a year on trumped-up charges of “separatism” and spoke there with Ilnicki, Vladislav in August 2015, the year he was released under house arrest. “House arrest he was not renewed, and in fact, he recently was in General without any measure. says Booze. – Therefore, if he returns to Ukraine, it could again put under guard.”

As told Booze, all the documents Ilnitsky was OK. Ukrainian passport, passport, in addition, he took the indictment and copies of publications, proving that he was persecuted for political reasons. When he was refused entry, he said that requests for political asylum and filed all these documents. But it only aggravated the situation.

“Russia still does not accept Ukraine “political refugees”, apparently believing that the problems with democracy in the neighboring country. – said Kornilov. But in the end, could deny refugee status, but to allow at least 90 days – nobody is his right to visa-free entry had not been canceled! And there a guy could try to settle in Russia or to go to the DNI, for example.

It is well known that on the dock in Odessa are not the ones who burned people in the House of trade unions and their victims. Ilnitsky took the decision to flee Ukraine because he was given to understand that at the next meeting, which was held just this Monday, he was again sent to jail. He decided to seek asylum in Russia, politicians day and night on all TV channels of the country broadcast about the Ukrainian fascism and sympathy for his victims. But then one of two things: either the staff of the border service of the Russian Federation do not watch TV. Or in the bowels of the Agency hatched a plot against the political line of the Russian leadership.


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