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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

American Charlottesville became the capital of fascism: why can’t trump

The end of last week made the small town of Charlottesville in Virginia the scene of a fight between the racists and fascists, on the one hand, and the leftist forces of the United States, on the other. It all started with the fact that the Park in which a monument to General Lee, who commanded the troops of the confederates, and which bore his name, became the scene of the fight, which in its brutality has exceeded all expectations.

photo: AP

At first, the battle of left and right was in the nature of the fight. But here the young man sympathetic to the Nazis, sent his car into the crowd left. He was crushed to death 32-year-old woman and wounded 19 people.

After this battle in Charlottesville made a truly desperate character. Governor Terry McAuliffe declared Virginia a state of emergency.

Emancipation Park, where the so-called right-wing staged a rally around the statue of General Robert E. Lee of the Confederacy, quickly turned into a battlefield.

City city hall planned press conference with Jason Kessler, one of the white Nazis, supremacists and organizers of the Pro-fascist action in Charlottesville.

“Jason Kessler brought to our city the spirit of hatred. He jeopardized the lives of people with black skin,” said one of the leaders of the democratic movement Jeff Winder. He said that “freedom of speech does not protect speech that arouses hatred.”

Governor McAuliffe stated that the driver of the car crashed into a crowd, is a “terrorist.” Others, however, boil porridge, including such inveterate racists and Nazis as Kessler questioned: was it possible to avoid violence.

So it was actually: people hit each other. The police tried to interfere, watching how the right and left beaten troops faced in Charlottesville.

Charlottesville is a place where in 1819 Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia.

That’s why mayor Mike Sayner vainly asked: “How can you reunite the first amendment and public safety?”

The battle between the nationalists, the white Suprematists in Charlotte, Sville played last week, not the first and probably not the last. In may Richard Spencer, a white nationalist, staged a rally in Charlottesville, urging the troops of the Ku Klux Klan from North Carolina.

Sensing that the town is in danger, the authorities tried to deny him and his group to demonstrate in the so-called Emancipation Park, which is a monument to the southerner General Lee. However, at the end of the week the court somehow took the side of Kessler and brewed porridge.

Last Saturday morning another sunrise concretistic, including participants in the movement “Life black also mean something” gathered at first Baptist Church of great historic significance. At 8 am the Negro group went to Emancipation Park.

Read the material: “the Horror of Charlottesville: why is the US erupted in riots with a lot of victims”

At the same time in almost all areas of the city are white nationalists also began marching in the direction of Emancipation Park. By the time when both groups came to the Park dressed in camouflage uniforms of the police, the supporters of the idea of the superiority of the white race was more like an army that is about to invade the city than on peaceful demonstrators. “White nationalists and racists were armed better than our police state,” said Governor McAuliffe. While white nationalists began to fill the Park, heads of local parishes took up arms to prevent the invasion of the racist members of the Ku Klux Klan and all those fanatics who flocked to Charlottesville. Suddenly people began to throw at each other with bottles, some of which were filled with urine. Some of the demonstrators used pepper spray. And then a bomb exploded, sending stuffed with substances.

Police in horror watched as they clashed right and left on site Charlottesville. Her passivity to a certain extent even more fueled fight racists and Democrats. Governor McAuliffe only eleven imposed state of emergency and at the request of the mayor.

Spokeswoman state police Ms. Corinne Geller said: “maybe some people thought that our police do nothing. However, other police and law enforcement agencies were very active.”

At the very moment when it was declared a state of emergency, the police began to announce through loudspeakers that the gathering in the Park was illegal and urged the crowd to disperse.

Around lay the bodies of the wounded. Blood and broken glass covered paths of the Park.

It is interesting that the nationalists were carrying along with them not only the flags with Nazi signs, but also banners, on which was clearly visible pictures of trump.

In all probability the white Suprematists prepared ahead of time in Charlottesville. This is evidenced by the fact that the city came to the former “dragon” of the Ku Klux Klan Duke and other leaders of far-right movements in the United States.

President trump, resting in one of his estates, stated that he opposes any manifestations of Nazism and fanaticism. However, the fact that in Charlottesville right showed under his banners, suggests otherwise. Characterized by the fact that trump hasn’t spent any difference between racists and those who resisted them. That’s why his statement was seen as encouraging right-wing forces stormed Charlottesville. All Sunday the President trump was silent. Instead, he “worked” the Minister of justice, congressional leaders, and even his wife Melania trump.

The silence of the trump perceived as a sign of agreement with those who turned in late last week in Charlottesville hellish cauldron of racism.


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