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Thursday, March 15, 2018

In the sky in a skirt: in Russia for the first time a military pilot

Still, there is a perception that to manage serious equipment, such as aircraft, is not female employment. This is despite the fact that throughout the world thousands of women fly all types of aircraft, including combat. Our government, until recently, women, intently staring at the sky, not supported. But now everything will be different. The Minister of defence RF Sergei Shoigu said that this fall for the first time in Russia the girls will be the cadets of the Krasnodar higher military aviatsiya.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
The first Russian pilots, Lydia Zvereva.

That the Russians want to get an equal right with men to undergo military service, and many people want to be pilots, but flight schools do not accept them, said in late July the Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova. Then ombudsvumen doubt that in the near future that will change. And it turned out, in vain. Sergei Shoigu over the weekend cheered the representatives of the female part of humanity willing to stand in line of battle with their gender opposites: “There are a huge number of girls who would like to become fighter pilots, we have received hundreds of emails, so I decided that this year we will recruit the first group of girls in the Krasnodar military aviation school”. According to the Minister, on the job training military pilots will take 15 girls. The group will begin classes on 1 October.

Today Krasnodar higher military aviation school, founded in 1938, is preparing for the Armed forces of the Russian Federation military pilots in 5 specialties: pilot fighter aircraft, frontline bombers and attack aircraft, military transport aircraft, long-range aviation and naval missile-carrying and antisubmarine aviation. Duration of training — 5 years. By the way, during the great Patriotic war here was implemented accelerated training pilots in six months.

Candidates for training in addition to the required exam scores (math — 27 points, Russian language — 36 points and physics — 36 points) must have the aptitude (it will be determined by the experts examining the candidates from the point of view of social psychology and psychophysiology), and, of course, good health and physical strength. Perhaps the girls in checking their level of physical training will make a discount, but if they claim to full equality with men, they will have to take the pull-UPS and run 100 meters to 3 kilometers. Each test is scored on a 100-point system, and if the candidate will show a result less than 25 points, with the dream of becoming a military pilot would have to leave. Perhaps forever — in the school there is an age limit: candidate should not be more than 22 years, if he has not passed military service.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
Even the Queen of outer space Svetlana Savitskaya graduated from civilian flight school and was a test pilot.

Meanwhile, the number of women pilots in the world, considering not only professionals but also Amateurs, huge amount. The popularity of flight of the fairer sex shes growing. This is not always dictated by a desire to devote themselves to this profession. For example, in the U.S. women’s interest in aviation greatly increased when the wheel picked up Angelina Jolie. As for the professionals, in the Western countries women can be seen behind the wheel of a huge “Boeing” as not only pilots, but also commanders. They have power over even strategic bombers.

As for us, when we’re talking about women pilots, most often remember the names of us Valentina Grizodubova, Muscovite Marina Raskova and ladies in Zaporozhye often Poliny Osipenko. Three of the crew of the aircraft ANT-37 “Rodina” in 1938 they made a flight from Moscow to the far East, the travel time took 26 hours and 29 minutes. For this flight, the three pilots were awarded the title of hero of the Soviet Union.

The first Russian pilot is Zvereva Lidia, the daughter of a Russian army General, hero of the Balkan war 1877-1978 years Vissarion Zvereva, born in 1890 in Saint-Petersburg. Relatives saw her in the future fine lady, conquering aristocratic salons. But Zverev’s dream to conquer the sky. His first “flight” she did as a child: has moved down from the roof of the barn with an umbrella. When I grew older, took to the air first hot-air balloon, and then graduated from flying school. In 1911, when Zverev was the first to pass the exam to become a pilot, aviatrissa were three Russian women: Eugenia Anatra, artist Love Kolencikova and Princess Yevgeniya Shakhovskaya. In those years, aviation was used more as a show. It was a huge risk, but the money the pilots were getting little, sometimes nothing to pay for a hotel. Later Zverev along with her husband have been designing aircraft, took part in the first test of a fighter. Ironically, no matter how dangerous the profession of a pilot, Zverev died from typhus.

Today our women pilots are very different — there are those who run small planes, and those who holds in his hands the helm of a huge Airbus A320, there are Muslim women, champion of aerobatics, the stars of show business, models. In the Russian civil aviation, which is represented mainly by men, employs about 30 women pilots. With regard to military aviation during the great Patriotic war women have successfully served in the regiments of night bombers PO-2, even the Germans called them “night witches”. But then there was Osoaviakhim, where they could learn. But at the end of the war the doors of military aviation for women shut. There is an example when a girl is trying to realize the dream of a lifetime, reached the commander of the air force. But she never managed to break through the distrust of its capabilities, which came from male colleagues who thought the sky a purely male territory.


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