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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

“PhotoLine”: the Swiss press has compared Putin to Mussolini

Journalists of the Swiss newspaper “Der Bund” and the “Tages-Anzeiger” compared the photos of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italian dictator and fascist Benito Mussolini. Media found the photographs of Putin and Mussolini appear bare-chested and riding a horse, skiing or swimming in the lake.

photo: kremlin.ru

As told MKRU , the head of the Russian service of Swissinfo portal.ch Igor Petrov, the article appeared on August 11. It was given the photos in the genre, so to speak, “comparative biographies”, which was popular in ancient literature. Putin and Mussolini bare-chested, Heli skiing, floating the river, going in for sports, firing personal weapons, riding on motorcycles, sitting behind the controls of an airplane, playing with animals, playing musical instruments, visiting the field and getting acquainted with the work of farmers.

When I personally looked at this material, I have formed the impression that, wittingly or unwittingly, but Putin’s PR people do copy work of their Italian colleagues. Photos attached material editor-in-chief of the international Department of the newspaper “Tages-Anzeiger” Capodici Vincenzo (Vincenzo Capodici), which talks about the traditions of self-presentation of the great leaders, kings and emperors, from Charlemagne and Mussolini to Mao TSE Tung.

The journalist, by the way, admits that “for a 65-year-old Russian President is in fine form.” Well, then it is concluded that this kind of style of self-presentation of leaders to “perfection brought the national socialists in Germany and fascists in Italy with the aim to influence the masses.”

— Do you think that our Swiss colleagues just found an interesting lead, I wanted fried, or is it something more serious?

— Well, of course, the clue is, and of course it was August, vacation time. On the other hand, the pictures of the Russian President was also published in August, following the same logic. So the entire world press is now in a state of holiday relaxation, and therefore such materials. But if you look more deeply, the question arises, what guided do PR people that publish such photos, from year to year? And why they every time be in the network the object of ridicule and memes, like the last time with the pike.

In Switzerland, for example, Ministers and politicians also use public relations techniques for self-expression, but the photos are quite different, here’s what was recently posted a photo of the Swiss President Doris Leuthard in Greenland, where she received information about what might be with the climate and why the ice melts and now she’s just in the Astana EXPO-2017 was promoted Swiss innovation in energy technologies. And it’s a completely different character of self-presentation, they say, look, I’m on vacation show care about the people and the country and not show as well to me personally.

— Could this lead to some kind of diplomatic response to Russia or most likely will not pay attention? There were precedents when the Western media had to apologize for similar materials and even dismiss journalists.

— No, nothing. The Russian Embassy in Switzerland has already responded, and I quote in my Facebook “Diplomatic scandal, Mr. Petrov, do not wait! Excesses of imagination of some media that are concerned with filling characteristic of August to the lack of meaningful news, not comment”. To apologize to the local press won’t, she’s the independent, can laugh, but it’s true. To dismiss journalists for political reasons — in Switzerland it is unthinkable, I don’t know what I have to do something so very terrible.

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