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Saturday, March 17, 2018

What will Russia do in case of war, the United States and the DPRK

The President of the United States Donald trump promised to bring down North Korea “fire and fury”, if that will make a military provocation. But Russia has a nearly 40-kilometer border with North Korea. If we receive his portion trompowsky rage in the case of a military conflict between the U.S. and North Korea? After the us state Department call Moscow one of the main economic supporters of the North Korean regime. About the place of Russia in the confrontation between the United States and the DPRK, “MK” talked to an expert.

photo: youtube.com

— Russia, of course, will judge this conflict, but neither party will not fight, – believes Deputy General Director of the Center for political technologies, Alexei MAKARKIN. – However, for Russia, the escalation on the Korean Peninsula is very unpleasant, because it, firstly, creates a risk of use of nuclear weapons, and secondly, it all happens near its borders.

— Whether Russia in this case to act as a mediator in the settlement of this conflict?

— So has coincided, as in North Korea, and the United States is currently a very ambitious leaders. Previously, Moscow and Beijing could work and bring parties to the negotiating table, where they about something have agreed. Now on the one hand, Kim Jong-UN, who need to constantly assert themselves in front of their generals and vernopoddannym, trump, a man quite inexperienced in politics and impulsive, which manifested itself in a strike on the Syrian airfield in the spring. In this situation, the predictability decreases and the risk increases. But since China is now unable to ponadobit Kim, Russia is even more difficult to play some mediating role in peacekeeping. Therefore, it remains to wait and prepare for different scenarios, including adverse. It is not necessary to leave and attempts to encourage the parties to negotiate, although it is problematic.

Media reported that Russia has resulted in the increased combat readiness of air defense systems in the far East. It is an alarming sign?

— This step is quite understandable. Cannot 100% say where the rocket will fly, given the incomprehensible skill of the North Korean missile and rocket possible US attack on North Korea. Of course, Russia must be ready to shoot down a warhead that accidentally fly into the side of us. It is clear that in our area no one deliberately is not going to beat. Most likely, China will now also lead its missile defense system on alert.

— From America are often heard accusations against Russia that it is economic “sponsor” of the North Korean regime. How are such statements justified?

Russia, unlike China, is not an importer of North Korean products and raw materials. In our territory there are only North Korean enterprises, which employ workers from the DPRK. But it’s not extremely important to the economy of North Korea. So the scale of our economic cooperation with Pyongyang which is lower than that of China. Another thing is that this cooperation did not begin with the younger Kim, it was developed under his father, when North Korea participated in the international negotiations, while building ties between the North and the South of the Peninsula. While economic interaction with North Korea were considered not as support for a totalitarian regime, but as an opportunity to change it, make it more open, to form a North Korean middle class. And the United States it was treated quietly.

But now came to power, Kim Jong-UN. He has no legendary history, as his father and grandfather, so he needs reassurance, wants to prove that he is “cool”. Hence the development of nuclear missile programs, aggressive rhetoric. And now these economic ties, which previously were perceived as a stimulus to change, the liberalization of the North Korean regime, something condemn.

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