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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The institution named trump: Russia’s goal is not to give

Thank you for sent us three letters and have our people leave the statements with a similar meaning is not often heard from the lips of world leaders. But Donald trump, as we know, unique. So I even for a second did not doubt his gratitude to Putin for the forced downsizing of American diplomatic missie in the Russian Federation – “we are trying to cut staff costs”, was absolutely sincere.

photo: en.wikipedia.org
Photo: Zach Rudisin.

Even hitting led by trump pyramid the us government, the GDP still managed not to stroke against the grain of the current President of the United States.

Donald trump loves the military, but with complete indifference refers to diplomats. The current American administration, the state Department is rapidly becoming the “unloved stepchild”. The state Department presses the President, who, judging by his numerous statements, not really understand why the country needs the Agency. The state Department presses his immediate boss Rex Tillerson – the man who for a brief time tenure as Secretary of state managed to become the object of fierce hatred of his subordinates.

Experts in American political jargon instead of the official name “the state Department” is often used informal nickname of this Department – “foggy bottom” (Foggy bottom). Judging by the numerous leaks about what is happening in the state Department, the situation in this office really reached the bottom. Rex Tillerson is obsessed with ideas of a fundamental reorganization of the state Department and therefore essentially leaves a vacant almost all senior positions in their organizations. Tillerson with extreme suspicion refers to the professional diplomats and not allow them to take any significant decisions. Even for the smallest paper requires personal signature of the Secretary of state.

Against this background, the crisis in the American diplomatic mission in Russia can be considered extremely painful for a professional American diplomats, but absolutely irrelevant to their political bosses in the administration trump. Symbolic answer for “involuntary weight loss” missions in Russia of course we will. But do Putin’s “attack on diplomats” an occasion for new disputes with Moscow nor trump, nor Tillerson don’t want to.

We also don’t need to find fresh reasons for conflict with Washington – or even the use of the reasons that we readily put “sworn friends” of Russia from the us Congress, us media and us intelligence. Inaction is rarely a recipe for political success. But it seems to me that the U.S. policy direction we must try now to take the most detached position. We in any case should not avoid dialogue with Washington. However, high hopes for such a dialogue is not necessary.

The American political elite should be allowed to stew in their own juice. I’m looking forward to, such as trump and his enemies from Congress will solve the problem of North Korea. The President of the United States believes that all problems are due to the fact that his ultimatums to Pyongyang was quite formidable and unequivocal. But, it seems, in North Korea believe that trump is a hero only in words and on his numerous “ very very last warnings” you can simply not pay attention. As the US political leadership will emerge from this delicate situation is not clear.

It is not clear how far that will go uhudshenie attitude of relations between Washington and Beijing because of the numerous political and economic differences. It is impossible at this stage to predict the trajectory of the development of the dispute between the US and the EU because of the open aggressive selfishness that America demonstrates in the field of economic policy. However, given the degree of American impudence, and the degree of crudity of this impudence, I risk to make a prediction: the chances that Washington will stuff their painful bumps on these and other foreign policy fronts, of course, are not absolute in nature. But those chances are. For Russia it is very good. Stuffed yourself cones, America can remember about common sense and in the sphere of relations with our country.

It may well be that my hopes were not justified. For the American political class of Russia is now the subject of obsession. We will be hindered to stay away. Russia – or, rather, invented the image of Russia as a diabolically powerful and diabolically clever power – will continue in various ways to involve in the American political showdown. Our task is not to give in. We cannot escape from the “madhouse of a name of Donald trump”: America has a powerful impact on all the countries of the world, including ours. But try to abstract from what is happening in this “mental hospital” we can. God forbid that this attempt was successful.


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