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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Nuclear ruler Kim Jong-UN defied Trump

In China, Kim Jong-UN is often called the “chubby kid”, and United States senators, talking about it, use almost the same expression — “this is a crazy fat man,” writes The New York Times. President trump calls it as “totally insane”.

photo: AP

However, Kim Jong-UN, the young leader of modern North Korea has long used to being underestimated.

Kim was the youngest of the three sons of his father. But he “jumped” by his brothers and became heir of Kim Jong-Il. Analysts believe that Kim III, who came to power in 27 years, will not last long. But since then it’s been six years, and Kim Jong-UN, still in the saddle, and even a nuclear!

Under the leadership of Kim, North Korea is impoverished and isolated country became one of the few who can take on the fly the United States with its nuclear missiles. Pyongyang defies not only to the administration trump, but the entire international community. (Just recently, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution on sanctions against the DPRK by 15 votes to zero.)

Some in Washington suggest that the President Trump to start talks with Kim. But one thing is not clear: is he Kim, or rather if he is interested in negotiations with trump? Nobody knows to what that would require in this case, Kim instead from abandoning nuclear weapons and missiles of their country.

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According to the newspaper “new York times”, Kim made the construction of the nuclear Arsenal of the DPRK top priority. Just so, says Kim, is to guarantee the country’s security and economic development.

Analysts, creating the image of Kim, I emphasize two characteristics — cruelty and a certain ideological flexibility.

As reported by the authorities of the South Korean intelligence, Kim executed a number of important leaders of his country, including his uncle, whom he considered a mentor to the young Kim. Also suspect that Kim Jong-UN orchestrated the murder of his brother, who was poisoned at the international airport of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

However, Kim is attributed to the weakening of the stretched reins of state control in Economics and engineering. Attributed to him also a certain, albeit very modest economic growth in North Korea.

“Clever, pragmatic, decisive, — that characterizes Andrei Lankov, an expert on North Korea. But very capricious, wilful and ready easy to kill”. Wow feature!

However, there is a political and strategic line, which Kim maintains steadily. It is its nuclear program. Father Kim had the opportunity to eliminate the program and return to the economic guarantees and security guarantees that were offered to Pyongyang by China. But even then, the North has refused such a compromise, and the current Kim took a more aggressive stance.

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Three of the five nuclear tests conducted by North Korea, have the leadership of the country is Kim Jong-UN. All the evidence suggests that we should expect the continuation of these tests. In addition, North Korea has produced 80 missile tests during the rule of Kim. This is more than twice the number of tests conducted in the period of domination in the country of his father and grandfather.

The last two missile tests conducted on July 4 and July 28, broke the line that analysts consider, as the transformation of Alaska and the continental United States in objects of the attainability of a nuclear Pyongyang.

The North Korean media promoted the vengeance of their leader, who was present at the last two launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), surrounded by the laughing generals, officers and soldiers.

For the first time talking about Kim in North Korean media in September 2010, a year before he was replaced as leader of North Korea his father. It was reported that the boy was given the rank of Colonel and leadership of the Labor party elected him Vice-Chairman of the Central military Commission, the real authority in Pyongyang.

It was not clear whether Kim Jong-UN, successor to his father. Until that time, the outside world had not even seen the photos of Kim Jong-UN adult.

Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il, who led North Korea from 1994 until his death in 2011, had three wives and at least six children. The first wife who bore him a son in 1971, was disgraced, and died in Moscow while in exile. His second wife gave birth to two daughters that did not strengthen her position in the Pyongyang court. Finally, the third wife, Korean singer and dancer, born in Japan. From her he had two sons and one daughter. Despite the fact that his mother was exiled and ended his days in Moscow, her eldest son, Kim Jong Us, was considered the heir to the throne, at least until 2011, when he was spotted in Tokyo Disneyland. (In Japan, he arrived on a false passport.) Later he followed into exile his mother, however, not in Moscow, and Macau. Sometimes show his “spineless” critical remarks on the events in North Korea. But even these remarks ceased after Kim Jong Nam was killed in Malaysia in February this year.

The second son, Kim Jung Il, Kim Jong Chol was lit in 2015 in London at the Eric Clapton concert. Little is know about it. For example, no one knows exactly why the inheritance bypassed his candidacy. The only “light” left in this region Kenji Fujimoto, former sushi chef to the Kim family. In 2003 he published his memoirs after he fled to South Korea from the North. According to him, his two older sons, Kim II considered effeminate. But Kim’s third son, Kim Jong UN delighted his father’s heart, the fact that already in childhood he showed leadership bone.

After basketball games, for example, Kim Jong Chol was usually gone from the area. But Kim Jong-UN remained’ve been analyzing the last game with the involved players.

It tells The New York Times, Kim Jong Ynu was only 8 years old when he was presented with a General’s uniform. Since this boy was hovering as with a written sack. He got all the signs of respect that demanded its General form. Adult generals slavishly bend before him in three deaths. This writes his aunt, Ko Yong Suk, who fled to the United States in 1998. But the evidence of Professor Koh Yu-hwan of Seoul: “Kim has learned how the power in his early years”.

North Korean state media painted the childhood of Kim almost mythical proportions. He’s a sniper and “genius among geniuses”, the fan of fast driving. And in 16 years, Kim III has written a book that analyzes the leadership of the Korean war, his grandfather.

From 1996 to 2000 Kim studied at various public schools in Switzerland. It was “masked” by the son of one of North Korean diplomats. Study classes were conducted in German and very difficult was given to Kim. “We were not the most stupid boys in the class, but was not the most intelligent,” says classmate Kim Joan Mikaela. Mikaela, and other classmates Kim describe him as a rather quiet teenager who, nevertheless, loved movies about James bond and played basketball. But nonetheless, Kim stood out among his classmates. The fact that he had very expensive shoes and gadgets. In addition, Kim used the services of a private chef, chauffeur and tutor.

Kim’s classmate Marco Imhof, remembers how Kim once gave an earful to his servant, who was trying to regale him cold spaghetti. It is believed that the years spent by Kim in Europe, imposed a certain imprint. In his memoir, Fujimoto recalls a conversation with Kim in which future North Korean leader complained that in North Korea, very little power. At the same time Kim admired food stores that were full of all kinds of food.

“The United States defeated Japan, but the Japanese managed to reconstruct their country. In Japan, all the shops are full of all kinds of goods. Well, our country?” — said the young Kim Fujimoto. Later, Kim insisted that North Korea should learn from China’s leadership market-oriented economy.

Such passages have inspired some hope among analysts regarding the future of the DPRK. “When the time comes, Kim Jong-UN will begin to pursue a policy of isolation against North Korea. He will surely learn from all the good that he saw in the West” — said the expert on North Korea Paik HAK-soon.

However, instead of liberalization of North Korea began a series, which all became known as the “reign of terror”. Back in Pyongyang, Kim Jong-UN lightning passed all courses of the Military University in Pyongyang.

After the death of his father, Kim Jong-UN took his place, however, according to experts, he felt on top of the pyramid of power is very uncertain. Young the fat man was surrounded by experienced military leaders and party bosses. Many beyond the borders of North Korea considered him the Supreme leader of the country only formally. Power in real terms was in the hands of his uncle-“Regent” Jang song-Taek. With Chan he, the nephew, was able to hold a number of cleansing and replace the most powerful generals and bureaucrats who were engaged with the Affairs in Pyongyang.

However, less than two years, Kim decided to separate himself from his all-powerful uncle. He was arrested during the meeting of the Politburo of the workers ‘ party of Korea. Hundreds of delegates looking at this picture of the omnipotent arrest of Chan. Many of them were themselves then arrested, for “not fully” applauded when Kim entered the room and allegedly the fruit of a conspiracy to overthrow him.

According to the data, however, come from Seoul, the executed uncle of Kim, had twenty children and they were eliminated on the orders of Kim Jong-UN. In total after Kim came to power, was shot 140 of the higher ranks of military and civilian. “He acted quickly and ruthlessly, says Daniel Pinkston, Professor of international relations Troy University. — It seems to me that people did not expect from so young a man so rigid dictatorial activities”.

Some analysts believe that Kim has restored the power of the workers ‘ party and its apparatus, and uses it for their own purposes — to strengthen his dictatorship. This is different from his father, who relied more on military leadership than in the party apparatus.

Speaking about his visit to North Korea, the American basketball as Rodman, drew the following picture: “the Stadium was full to capacity. In the stands 150 thousand people. People are standing and applauding for half an hour only. From their eyes tears of emotion. Unlike his father, Kim Jong-UN has cultivated, so to speak, their nationality, and ease. We see a photo where he is hugging the soldier, visits the apartments of workers, swayed crying children in hospitals. Often in such campaigns Kim accompanied by his wife Lee Sol-Ju, who dresses in the latest fashion. But Rodman was even allowed to hold hands on the little daughter Kim. The only way the world learned that Kim became a father.

Outwardly, Kim Jong-UN is trying to resemble his grandfather Kim Il sung, who led North Korea from 1948 until 1994. Kim Il sung in North Korea is seen as almost a divine figure. The current Kim imitates the grandfather, moving slowly, sending out smiles in all directions. He even holds the cigarette like Kim Il sung, writes The New York Times. Trying to resemble his grandfather, Kim even much added weight.

In the years when North Korea was led by Kim Il sung, the North Korean economy was several times more South Korean. But today per capita in North Korea accounts for only 5% that have tains Li in South Korea. This is the biggest danger for the political legitimacy of Kim Jong-UN.

Kim Jong-UN, trying to justify his policy, said that the policy of parallel progress in the field of nuclear weapons and economic development. “Only by having a nuclear shield, says Kim Jong-UN, the North can secure a peaceful economic development”.

However, I must admit that Kim has improved access to food and goods market-based, recognizes the American edition. Pyongyang’s construction boom and loyal citizens use it. Despite years of sanctions and international isolation, the economy is lately showing signs of life.

But the real situation in the country outside the capital, which has become a showcase of the country, is clearly dictated a policy that would enter the DPRK in trade around the world. But that North Korea must end its nuclear program.

Sam Kim is considering this problem a little differently. More than 30 thousands of North Koreans fled the country after a drought in the 1990-ies. The refugees say that Kim is trying to keep his country in isolation, because otherwise North Korea will be absorbed by the South.

And it is here that comes into force nuclear missile Arsenal. Kim argues that nuclear weapons are necessary for his country to protect its independence. He cites the examples of Colonel Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein, who “exchanged” their nuclear weapons, or rather, the beginnings of such weapons, and then paid for it with their lives and routines. Pyongyang claims that it will use its nuclear missiles in order to force the international community, including the United States, to recognize Pyongyang a full-fledged member of the international Alliance on their own terms. As an example, Pyongyang points to the fact that Washington, in the end, acknowledged nuclear power, China.

Here he writes, for example, Professor of South Korean University To: “Kim Jong-UN intends to remain the ruler of North Korea for several decades, so he can afford to play the long game. Over time, he believes, the world will have no other option than to admit his country a nuclear power.” Analysts believe that Kim is very difficult to retreat at a time when foreign countries do the pressure. This relates primarily to missile and nuclear issues.

Yes, in difficult times have to live with the international community. Washington appears on the political ring President Donald trump. Pyongyang did whatever Kim Jong-UN, who imagines himself an equal partner exclusive nuclear missile club. President trump-escalate the situation in the us-North Korean relations, declaring that if Korea dares to threaten America, then it will rain down “fire and fury”. Thus, there is a very dangerous game, where at stake are the fate of the world.



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