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Friday, March 16, 2018

“Navalny got on his knees to apologize”: the supporters of Udaltsov said the opposition leader

Alexei Navalny on his YouTube channel made a criticism of lawyer Sergei Udaltsov, Violetta Volkova. So he responded to the allegations by Udaltsov that he was involved in the riots on Bolotnaya square on 6 may 2012.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Navalny said that he was glad to see Udaltsov free. But his joy is marred, because he was very disappointed that group of allies who are near Udaltsov. The bulk with sorrow said: at a press conference near Udaltsov sat the lawyer Violetta Volkova.

Navalny calls Volkov, curator of the leader “the Left front”. This, according to the opposition due to the fact that a former associate had hit him with criticism. The position of the Bulk is understandable, because Volkov has consistently opposed it, and even published an open letter to the head of the CEC of Ella Pamfilova, accusing the policy of breach of trust and fraud. We are talking about that, not having the legal rights relating to outstanding criminal convictions for serious article, Navalny positioned himself as a candidate and raising money for the campaign. “In fact, Alexey Navalny, is currently implementing activities that fall within the scope of article 159 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation”, – said in the appeal of Volkova.

Supporters of Navalny Violetta Volkova, to put it mildly, dislike. In particular, the head of the League of legalizing hemp Serge Konstantinov sure that she “cooperated with the authorities”. As proof of this version of Constantine refers to the story of the rally on Sakharov Avenue on June 12.

We will remind, the day Navalny urged his supporters to go on a “walk” on Tverskaya street, though Sakharov was agreed, was going to go opponents of the renovation. However, Navalny was not satisfied that in due time there was established the sound and scene. In the end, the participants were divided, some remained Sakharov, the rest came in the end, that resulted in a confrontation with police and mass arrests.

As reported by the Fund to combat corruption, the stage and the sound miraculously appeared after the postponement of the event and organized it Violetta Volkova. Prove role Volkova her critics that she led the rally on Sakharov, even though the original was not declared.

Violetta Volkova speaks from the stage on Sakharov Avenue.

She Volkov argues that “just came” and really was going to be, as repeatedly doing this at the rallies in years past. As the organizers for the event did not come, in the format “open MIC” had to lead her.

“Udaltsov has rightly said at a press conference that we should not provoke people to commit inequitable actions and do not provoke the authorities,” said Violetta Volkova in conversation with “MK”. According to her, that is what Navalny did on Bolotnaya square, and on June 12, bringing people for an unsanctioned rally.

“And then began resentment Navalny, because his action was not exactly as planned, has not outgrown in mass riots”, – she said.

Sergei Udaltsov told “MK” that “his own head on his shoulders,” he’s never been under whose influence, and especially supervision, and the Bulk words appear to him to be frivolous and thoughtless, he sees it as “another attempt to avoid answering questions”.

Sharper all commented on the situation the second defender Sergei Udaltsov Dmitry Agranovsky.

He said that he was present at the press conference together with Violetta Volkova, to adequately answer questions relating to the “Bolotnaya case” and complaints to the ECHR.

“Bulk, I like honest human urge to kneel in front of Sergei Udaltsov, because really to get had it, and spent all Udaltsov”, – said Agranovsky.

If the leaders of the Swamp side by side stood on the stage, now they are remotely exchanged accusatory statements and what is happening begins to resemble a “swamp of reality show”.

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