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Saturday, April 14, 2018

In the case of the Korean-American war, Russia will face hundreds of thousands of refugees

In the developing at the growing conflict of the DPRK and the United States, Russia occupies the position of a very interested observer. It is clear that a rigid application of the both sides of the conflict, can not but cause a reaction from our side. To take additional measures to protect yourself from irregular development of the situation we have to. “MK” talked with military experts to understand what threatens Russia in the event of hostilities between USA and North Korea ,and what we can do to protect yourself.

photo: AP

That in the far East, strengthened air defenses and HQs in connection with the aggravation of the situation on the North Korean Peninsula, said the Senator Viktor Ozerov. In his opinion, the first reinforcement of our anti-aircraft groups should be protected from the wrong inherent coordinate North Korean missiles, since the probability of error is quite high. In addition, it is to show that our defenses keep Americans from more decisive steps. However, information about the increased air defense refuted in the Eastern military district, noting that there and everything and is always in the mode of combat readiness.

Military expert Viktor murakhovski explained that in addition to radar stations (radar) air defense (PVO) standby mode, in the Eastern military district deployed additional officers on duty and firing, and means of radar reconnaissance. “It is clear that the situation is being monitored. We know the territory and North and South Korea we have completely overlap one of the radar system of missile attack warning (early warning system). The transition into high alert means that air defense doesn’t go out in the positional areas and starting positions, and goes into a more thorough observation. We are ready in case of aggravation to go in the positional regions”, – said the expert.

According to him, the sequence of actions is provided from which the regime operates constant or increased combat readiness. Always on duty is a firing means which are in standby mode, that is, in a state of readiness for combat use. Just now the number of such funds may have been increased. It is primarily anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 and s-300V4.

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Murakhovski noted that the situation where the North Korean ballistic missile will fly towards Russia unlikely. “This can only happen in case of unintentional sloppiness or a technical malfunction. I think that the North Koreans themselves, seeing the failure of the trajectory, will give the command to self-destruct. If this case happens and the missile will fly into our territory, the station early warning system will issue an appropriate designation to the troops, who have deployed radar standby, and additional tools. In General, the missile will be destroyed is a fact.” Murakhovski also noted that the use of nuclear U.S. attack on North Korea is unlikely. In the case of escalation of the conflict, the DPRK would beat precision weapons and aviation.

Military expert, Director of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Ruslan Pukhov also sure that a nuclear exchange between the US and North Korea are excluded. “A nuclear strike by the US will not solve anything, in North Korea there are no key centres, destroying that, you can achieve a surrender. And for such development of events, the Koreans were prepared in advance. I think if the situation comes, the DPRK will be dealt a massive blow with precision weapons. Koreans would probably say the explosion of a nuclear bomb on South Korea, as well as the mass sending to the area of their special forces.”

Pukhov believes that in case of such developments come a humanitarian catastrophe. Because civilians of the DPRK, trying to escape from war, run to the closest borders, China and Russia.

If this happens, then in the far East of Russia will be hundreds of thousands of refugees will need somewhere to place and give food. Perhaps Russia should be prepared for such a scenario.

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