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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Expert: su-57 – problem child Russian aviation

Russian fifth generation fighter received the official name – the su-57. This latest aircraft in the tests was known as the prospective airborne complex of frontline aviation (PAK FA), as well as under the factory index T-50.

Photo: Dmitry Zherdin.

“The decision was made, the plane got its name as a child after birth. Su-57 – now we will call it so,” – said commander of the aerospace defence forces of Russia Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev.

– The official assignment plane name su-57 suggests that he goes on the stage of the start of production of the first party, – explained the military expert Viktor murakhovski. – It is known that soon starts military operation of these machines. That is, the air force confirmed that take it on Board. Now the work begins in the center of the air force in Lipetsk, including the development of tactics of this machine, the use of air weapons. This is a very large work, it is necessary for the combatant pilots to describe all the limiting parameters of the aircraft in different ways. In principle it is possible to congratulate our aircraft with the advent of new weapons, beautiful cars.

According to experts, the first batch will be 24 cars. “Of course this plane was a difficult child Russian aviation. When designers go to the forefront of the development of technology, not everything comes the first time. The result is often not identical with the initial plan. Now we see that until the engines of the second stage, after which the aircraft will gain new opportunities. For example — reduction of fuel consumption and cruising in supersonic speed, however, this cannot affect its integration into the VCS,” – said murakhovski.

However, according to him, the plane implemented stealth technology, advanced system of onboard equipment, including radar, which enable multi-channel support and guidance of aircraft destruction, on-Board defense system of the new generation.

In General, as military pilots, this plane physiological limits of pilot does not exist. It also relates to the development and operation of this aircraft. Designers work hard to ensure that the car has done a maximum of action for the pilot.

These aircraft will be used primarily to arrive in Lipetsk center, and then in the southern military district, which received the most modern armaments and military equipment.


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