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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Udaltsov struck a “Trojan horse” of the opposition, criticizing Navalny

Opposition politician Sergei Udaltsov was released from prison where he served more than 4 years, and the next day held a press conference in advance stating that will tell the “whole truth” about the “swamp case”. At the same time our sources said that we can go about provocative actions on the part of some opposition leaders, who, together with the actions of the authorities led to mass clashes on may 6, 2012. And so it was.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“These four and a half years hasn’t changed my position, my world view and attitude to the current authorities,” Udaltsov began. He talked about the fact that it is still criticizes Putin and the ruling elite. Thus I noted that he supported the joining of Crimea to Russia and believes that in the Donbass are fighting are the real heroes. This position, incidentally, is the main stumbling block in the opposition.

According to Sergei Udaltsov, the role of the “Left front” (an organization which he headed before his arrest) was to consolidate the left forces and different opposition groups. “Unfortunately, consolidation, destroyed, tried and power and the excessive ambitions of many opposition leaders,” said the opposition leader.

Udaltsov said: he considers it his duty now to intensify extra-parliamentary left movement. And what about the Parliament. After all, the Duma to the left, according to some experts, could join Sergei Udaltsov.

He said he intends to build with them “most closely”. This, he said, is about the Communist party and “Fair Russia”. This opposition is noted in the party is not going smoothly, they are “swollen with fat”, and yet they have “there is a romantic interaction” with the current government.

“Engaged in quackery to say, that I was going to run for President, I will not” – said Udaltsov, explaining it’s not a sealed criminal record serious article. And it was the first shot against his former supporter and until recently the only politically active Marsh leader Alexei Navalny.

Also Udaltsov several times mentioned “Pro-Western” opposition, which too gets excited and almost ready to enter the Russian occupation regime.

“At the end of the swamp things… – he went finally to the long awaited topic. – The results have not been announced yet”.

“Yes, there were people from the opposition that there are issues,” he said.

Udaltsov, in particular, has told that Alexey Navalny the day before this action was proposed not to go to the Swamp, and sit near the cinema “Drummer”, so much effort spent to dissuade him, “and that’s not good.”

Recall, the leaders of the Marsh staged a sit-in protest near the “Drummer”, however, it happened due to the fact that the authorities had installed additional fencing on the approach to the area and provoked a stampede and clashes with police.

Got from Udaltsov and Ilya Ponomarev, who then “ran and said that it was necessary to break through the cordon”.

“Ignoring the people, they are again substituted by batons,” – said Udaltsov.

He also said that “Ksenia Sobchak, which is called a “Trojan horse” opposition” before the events at the Swamp made statements about provocations.

“Not in the bundle if worked these people power?” asked Udaltsov.

Also, according to him, those who provoked this situation in the Swamp who they were, the authorities, the police, the opposition, “they will respond”.

Udaltsov logical rebuked that he only now voiced claims to other leaders of the Marsh, but not immediately after the events of may 2012. What he said was not going and no one is going to “expose” just put the questions hoping to get answers.

Another member of the opposition said that he had the feeling: some of the companions in connection with his arrest “were pleased that a strong competitor on the political field are eliminated.”

After that Udaltsov went on to talk about his time in prison. According to Udaltsov, the situation in Russian prisons have changed for the better and “lawlessness” he was not watched.

“Sanatorium – zero stars,” he commented.

In addition, the opposition has mastered the useful skill – learned to sew pants. “If anything, it will go to a garment factory”, he said.

According to Udaltsov, a lot of money in the area are in possession of gadgets.

“In prison, everything is basically pornography and bet on football games, sitting in a phone,” said the opposition leader. He, however, instead, read the economic literature and the classics.

Udaltsov’s political future after the press conference, remained unclear. And that’s just remarkable. Simple and obvious leftist radical, he became the speaker of hints and mysterious “friend”.

“I have appointed a number of meetings with European leftist”, he said.

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“The opposition leader Udaltsov on Bulk, protests and elections: need of a single candidate”


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