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Saturday, March 17, 2018

How to survive in the Third world: the British press gave advice

While the U.S. government and the DPRK exchanged threats, and the American media estimate the range of North Korean ballistic missiles, pragmatic British journalists publish a manual on survival in the Third world war. Tabloid the Sun tells how to prepare for a nuclear explosion, what to do during and after it

photo: pixabay.com

The regulation proposes in any case to think in advance the behavior plan family and connect with relatives, find out where there are fallout shelters. If no such information, you should first think about where you can hide. Suitable basement, Central room without Windows on the middle floors of tall buildings.

If the attack was warned in advance, it is best to hide under the earth as deep as possible. Otherwise, for protection against radioactive particles is recommended to choose the nearest building of brick or concrete. In the shelter will have to spend at least a day. All this time, it is possible to keep track of official information and not to leave the shelter as long as possible, not inform the authorities.

Much worse if to hide from the explosion no time and he caught you on the street. The main recommendation — do not look at the flash, something to hide, to lie on the ground and cover your head. The blast wave can reach you in 30 seconds or more.

Even if the epicenter of a nuclear explosion is far away, you should still find shelter, the radioactive particles will be blown for hundreds of miles. If the explosion caught you on the street or had to go after him, you need to remove outer clothing and somehow isolate it, and to take a shower with soap and water. The skin is not recommended to RUB and comb. Hair conditioner is not recommended.

Radiation is dangerous because its presence cannot be detected. Perhaps in the shelter will have to spend about a month after a nuclear explosion — it all depends on the bomb and it exploded. However, the majority will be able to leave the asylum before. Worst of all is the situation in the area of the explosion and in those places where the wind blew. The authors of the memo noted that most of the radioactive precipitation (80%) will settle in the first 24 hours.

Read the story “plans for a preemptive U.S. strike on North Korea: the possibility of war – 30%”


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