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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Beer declared an effective way to awaken inspiration

Sometimes famous artists claim that alcohol helps them to create, and a group of Austrian scientists came to the conclusion that many of them are telling the truth and not justify their own weakness. New research shows that beer can actually increase the level of human creativity.

photo: pixabay.com

In the course of research the specialists have offered to volunteer several times to pass a test on “creative thinking”, and before some attempts men were asked to drink a pint (about 0.5 liters) of beer, and women — 350 milliliters of this drink. The test consisted in the fact that the participants were given three distinct words and they had to find a noun that would come to kagdomu of them. For example, “gel”, “female” and “door” can be “handle”. As it turned out, after drinking a small amount of beer, the volunteers started to better cope with such tasks.

The specialists do not recommend to use for inspiration beer, even in small amounts, people whose creative activity requires, including, and good coordination — alcohol adversely affects motor function, so the artist or the dancer, in all probability, will do more harm than good.

The new study was published in the scientific journal Consciousness & Cognition.

The influence of alcohol in General and beer in particular dedicated a lot of research, and often different groups of scientists in the result we come to mutually exclusive conclusions. In particular, some experts say that contained in beer antioxidants are beneficial to the cardiovascular system, while others, however, point out that beer is dangerous for heart health and increases the risk of heart attack. However, even “supporters” of this alcoholic drink agree that a person should not drink more than one pint of beer a day.


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