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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Neuroscientists: computer games are dangerous for the brain

Computer games, especially shooters, have an impact on the human brain, and in some respects this influence is very unfavorable. To such conclusion experts under the leadership of Greg West at the University of Montreal. According to scientists, the fascination with the shooters may lead to atrophy of the center for long-term memory in the brain.

photo: pixabay.com

Shooters are a genre of video games in which the gameplay is based on battles using firearms or, more rarely, projectile weapons. Recently, the Russian Federation of computer sport began work on the inclusion of such games in the registry eSports title. In General, computer games in modern society more “equal rights” with the sport. Canadian experts decided to check whether they are healthy.

A study conducted by experts showed that in some respects the shooters are really useful: for example, they uluchshayut reaction and episodic memory. However, long-term memory, especially in the elderly, the gamers may experience problems, scientists say — according to them, the shooters lead to reduced activity of the hippocampus and even its degradation and decrease in volume.

Their findings are shared in the pages of scientific publication Molecular Psychiatry.

This is not the first study whose authors trying to figure out how computer games affect the brain of a gamer and his body in General. For example, earlier, a group of scientists led by Jeffrey Anderson from the University of Utah found that the avid gamers greatly change the relationship between the parts of the brain — in particular, there is a greater number of connections between the parts responsible for vision and hearing, and those that are responsible for focusing attention. According to researchers, such changes can even be considered useful to humans. At the same time, computer games reinforce the connection between one of the segments of the prefrontal cortex and the temporo-parietal junction, a trend that experts believe more alarming — such was discovered in the brains of people with mental illness, including schizophrenia. Later, another group of researchers found that excessive passion for computer games can be fraught with sleep disorders, weight gain and even problems with the cardiovascular system.


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